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    I have mentioned on my Snapchat quite a lot how much I love Nivea body creams.  I think I will always love them because I have been using them since I was a teenager.  So I am very lucky that Nivea every now and then sends me some products to test out (even though I do purchase some staple products of theirs every month).  Recently I was sent a bottle of their Rich Nourishing body moisturiser to try out although I am very familiar with this cream, having used it as a teenager up until now.
    Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser Review
    In summer I tend to use the lighter versions of their body creams but switch to richer ones in winter because my skin is drier in winter.  My current favourite is the Irresistibly Smooth body lotion that contains Shea butter. I usually switch out to the Rich Nourishing cream which is meant for dry to very dry skin so this is perfect for those who really need something that will do a good job of treating their dry skin.  What I like about the Rich Nourishing moisturiser is that it has the proper Nivea smell.  It is a scent that is quite difficult to describe but one that I love. I mentioned this in some of my Snapchats a few weeks ago, but I like the normal Nivea smells so I tend to sniff their moisturisers and go for ones that smell like Nivea.  I really enjoyed their chocolatey cocoa butter moisturiser when I tried that out but went back to my Irresistibly Smooth and Rich Nourishing because they have the Nivea scent.  I'll get back on track now after that bit of rambling....

    The cream is easy to work into your skin and absorbs quickly. The moisturiser contains almond oil which coats your skin in a thin film to lock in the moisture.  Although it is noticeable on your skin, it is light and doesn't feel oily nor greasy.  I find that when I apply this in the morning and then take a bath in the evening, the moisturiser is noticeable on my skin still and is rinsed off by the bath water.  My skin definitely looks and feels a lot softer and has benefited from the all day protection.

    I am always going to be a fan of Nivea's quality and how affordable their products are.  A 250ml bottle costs only R36.99, 400 ml R47099 and a 625ml pump bottle is R69.99.  Nivea is available at most supermarkets and pharmacy stores.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    A quick did you know - Nivea's Rich Nourishing Body Lotion was the world's first body lotion which was launched in 1963.

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