Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why I love Dermalogica facials and keep going back

I have a confession to make...I am addicted to Dermalogica facials. Not the ones you get at most beauty spas, but the ones you get from the Dermalogica Concept Stores by Dermlogica therapists. Let me just state upfront that this is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to do it. I have been going on and on and on about my facials on Twitter and Instagram but it is because my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in ages.  I have always prided myself on my skin and try my best to keep it in good condition but Dermalogica facial treatments have shown me how much better my skin can be by targeting areas properly.
Post facial no makeup selfie
I have been for two Dermalogica Core Treatments (R580 for 1 hour) and after my very first facial I could feel a difference in my skin. What I absolutely love about these facials is that they are 100% tailored to suit your skin and its needs. Unlike other facials I have been for, where the therapist sticks to "these are the products I must use and only x amount of pumps of this product is allowed", my therapist (Catherine, who is absolutely amazing!) mixes up products to custom make exfoliators and masks for me in the treatment room. Because of this I always leave feeling absolutely amazing.

The facial starts off with a good, thorough cleansing of your skin under a steamer. For those of you who are a bit claustrophobic, mention this to your therapist because this might be too much for you. But if you can handle the steam, it is great at opening up the pores and allowing the cleansers to lift out the dirt. The cleansing seems to take up a lot of time, however this really preps your skin well for the exfoliation.  The exfoliation is again, catered to your skin type and concerns. I recently had a more powerful exfoliation with lactic acid that left my skin the softest and smoothest it has ever been. Seriously, if I could have a bottle of this at home I totally would! I was touching my skin in disbelief and even made JP touch it (I am weird). After the exfoliation Catherine mixed up a few different masks for me to add nutrients back into my skin as well as combat my dehydration.  For good measure I also get a dose of  their Age Smart anti-ageing mask to help prevent premature ageing.  After the masking, the facial ends off with a spray of toner, some serum and moisturiser.  If you don't want to leave the room without any coverage on your skin, the therapist is happy to apply some Dermalogica tint to your face. 

What sets these facials apart from other facials I have had, is that during the facial you receive 3 different massages! First off, during the Cleansing you get a good facial massage. Initially this felt a bit odd to me, but boy oh boy does it help relax a person. Then during the exfoliation you get a a neck and shoulder massage - how great is this sounding! Then finally during the time the mask is working its magic, you are treated to a scalp massage.  This leaves you feeling completely relaxed and you get to walk out the room with amazing skin!

With each facial I have, I get a new skin mapping done which I really appreciate because it helps me know that what I am doing is working and also let's me know what might be "making an appearance" soon. The therapists use special lights and glasses to see close up what is happening in your skin and what is lying beneath the surface - so you are able to address issues before they become a big problem.

So this is why I happily pay my R580 to have an hour long investment in my skin every 3 - 4 weeks. It is my "me time" where I am 100% selfish and focused on spoiling myself. I feel that I work hard enough to say this without feeling shy or guilty about it. It is possibly the only hour I take and basically "shut out the world". I can't wait for the beginning of October when I have my next appointment!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Monday, 15 September 2014

Manicure Monday

Today I thought I would share a Morgan Taylor colour that I recently bought for my sister, Samantha. When I ask Samantha to choose a nail polish it is always interesting to see what she'll go for, because she does wear a lot wider variety of colours than I do. It is always fun for me to be able to share what my sister likes to wear because it brings a bit more variety into my Manicure Monday posts.  The shade Sam chose is "Make a Statement" and I can definitely see why it was given that name.
Make a Statement
It is a mix of blue and purple glitter particles all of the same size and shape.  You get opaque coverage in just two coats.  Sam said the drying time was quite quick for a glitter nail polish. I personally like to apply a top coat to my glitter manicure because it makes the glitter feel less rough on my nails, but Sam says she gets better wear out of it without a top coat on. It is something I am going to give a try.

We picked this up at Dischem for R99.95 but as I mentioned before there quite a number of stockists of Morgan Taylor now, which I think is fantastic (Sorbet Salons, Takealot, Rubybox and RetailBox to name a few).

Hope you all have a bright week ahead!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

PS. Thank you Samantha for sharing your manicure! You can follow my sister on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to see more of her manicures. She takes great photos of many different things.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Post update: The 200 000 page views winner is....Chelsea Harvey (@Heyitsharvs)! Congratulations Chelsea, I'll be in touch soon to organise your prize!

Yesterday I realised my blog has recently passed 200 000 page views! I haven't really been the type of blogger who looks at stas and views regularly, because that isn't really the nature of my blog. I've said this so many times before, this is my personal little "scrapbook of beauty products and all things pretty". Reaching milestones like this really warms my heart.
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To all of you who visit my blog, leave comments on my posts and interact with me on Twitter and Instagram, I really appreciate all the support!  I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my readers and fellow beauty bloggers.  You all make blogging worthwhile. Thank you!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

PS. You all know me by now, I never miss an opportunity to spoil my readers. So as a Thank You I'll be making up a beauty hamper for 1 of you to the value of at least R500. To make it a bit more special the hamper will contain things I personally love and buy for myself .  All you have to do is leave a comment below with either your twitter handle, email address or Instagram username - so that I can notify you if you have won. I won't really be punting this giveaway because it is to reward my loyal readers - so those who follow me will pick up on this giveway and be able to enter easily. Entries close on Sunday evening and the winner will be announced on my blog and notified via email, twitter or instagram (depending on the contact details left in the comment. The winner will be randomly selected.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Clinique Sonic System coming soon!

I received such a nice surprise in my mailbox a little while ago and had to quickly throw a post together to share the news.  South Africa's beauty scene is currently buzzing about new electric facial brushes that are finally hitting our shores.  Today I saw that Clinique will also be releasing their version very soon - it is currently available for pre-order on their online store.
Buy online
The bush is developed to release sonic movements which offers deeper cleansing while being gentle on your skin.  What really excites me about these types of brushes if that it will be so much easier to clean the area around my nose. It is an area that I always struggle to get perfectly clean and exfoliated. The brush is easy to use and simple to incorporate into your daily skincare routine.
Image Source
The device retails for R1600 and the replacement brush heads are R395.  This isn't all that cheap but I think these devices are definitely investments in your skincare routine. 

With a host of facial brushes hitting us soon, I hope to get my hands on one of them to test them out and see if they are worth all the hype.

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Juliette Armand Color Control Cream

I am a big fan of BB creams but I haven't really tried out many CC creams (Click here to read a post I wrote about the difference between BB creams and CC creams). At a recent event I received a bottle of Juliette Armand CC Cream to test out.
Color Control Cream
This CC cream only comes in one colour but it has seven different colour dispersions pigment to create natural coverage. The coverage is suited to fit most peoples' skin tone. However with my light skin tone, I have to either mix it up with some moisturiser or use a very small amount (as pictured above).  Along with the coverage the cream contains Hyaluronic acid which offers fantastic hydrating properties; Vitamin PP which increases ceramides and fatty acids in your skin; Aloe Vera to moisturise and help reduce skin irritation and infamation in the skin; and SPF10 is added to the CC cream to help protect against UVA-UVB rays.  The thing I like about this CC cream is that it has Matrixy 30000 tetrapeptides which help smooth wrinkles and fine lines.  It also helps stimulate the production of collagen and fibronectin.  All of these help gives you great coverage and healthy looking skin.

The cream is not oily in texture and leaves a velvety finish on your skin.  As I mentioned, because this is a "one colour fits all" cream, you need to play around with the amount you use to see what best suits you. Use a small amount at first and blend with a foundation brush. If you are not all that good with blending or don't have time, mix a small amount with your moisturiser. You won't get the same great coverage but I have been happy with the results when used like this.  Overall, I really like this CC cream and have been reaching for it quite a bit, especially on days where my skin is a bit red and reactive.

A 50ml bottle retails for R455 a bottle.  Juliette Armand is brought to you by Poise Brands and you can call them on +27 11 033 0500 to find a stockists near you.

Big Hugs.
Charlene XXX