Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replish Mask

Last week I mentioned in a post that my skin has been acting up. I don't know what affected me but after a week of skin that was so dry it felt as if it was going to tear open, I am finally starting to win the battle.  The way I have helped with is by sleeping in a hydrating mask, Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replish Mask.

I have mentioned this mask on my blog before.  It is my go to mask when I need to plump up my skin and get moisture into it fast.  The mask is enriched with Sea Fennel extract, Platymonas which help with hydration deep down in your skin.  It also has pure hyaluronic acid and NMF complex which instantly moisturise the skin's surface.  Brown algae extract and relipidifying sea fennel extract help to reinforce surface hydration by limiting the water loss in the transepidermal layer.  To help boost the skin's natural defences and protect against free radicals there are protective complex and Vitamin E added to the product.

My skin always looks less dull, dewy and refreshed after using this mask.  From within I can feel my skin is far less dry and feels so much less tight. The hydration lasts well but when you battle with severe dry or dehydrated skin you'll need to use this mask at least 3 times a week to ensure the moisture is maintained in your skin.

Gee Whiskers Tip:
To sort out your dehydrated skin quickly the trick is to mask every day.  The thing to remember though is your skin won't absorb the mask if you have a thick layer of dead skin. In order to get rid of it, I suggest an AHA cream exfoliator for dry skin to ensure you don't further dehydrate your skin.  You don't need to exfoliate every night when you mask daily, 3 times a week is sufficient and will ensure the hydrating mask penetrates your top skin cells.  I leave this mask on over night to ensure I get the best results however when I do this I lock my mask in with my night cream to ensure my skin doesn't dry out.  A mask will only remain active on the skin for up to 20 minutes before it dries and stops working. So either remove it or apply a moisturiser on top of the mask after 10 - 15 minutes to seal it in and ensure you get the best results.

I bought this mask from Dischem for R365. It is also available on the Rubybox website for R395.  To me this is a very reasonable price for a face mask because the ingredients are of high quality. Other masks of this quality retail for over R500 for 50ml.  All in all, this is a mask I definitely will use for many years to come.

Big Hugs.
Charlene XXX

Monday, 1 September 2014

Manicure Monday

Spring is officially here! Which means I pull out all my pretty pastels and celebrate the prettiness of spring.
Wish you were here
Wish you were here
I really love wearing purples - it is by far my favourite nail polish colour. I realised that I have A LOT of purples and many of them look quite similar, yet I feel that are each unique.  This colour, Wish you were here, is a slightly more blue lilac purple compared to the more pinkish purples that I have.  As with all my other Morgan Taylor nail polishes, I get good wear from this.  I really love how this brand of nail polish applies, how the product levels out on your nail and gives you a very smooth, glossy finish.

I picked this colour up at Dischem for R99.95.  Dischem has a really great selection of this brand in certain stores. You can also purchase these from Retail Box, Takealot, Sorbet Salons and Rubybox.

Happy Spring Everyone! 

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Friday, 29 August 2014

Feel Good Friday!

August is one packed with special birthdays and it ends off with my parent's anniversary. This year my parents celebrate their 31st anniversary. Whenever I tell people the amount of time my parents have been together, I am usually greeted with gasps. When I ask why they had that reaction to what I said, they respond that it's shocking people can stay together for so long and not get bored. I won't go into this too indepth because that will be ranting post....I personally just do not understand that point at all.  I don't know if I am the only person who encounters this, but I find it very sad that people feel this way. So many people have given up on love it seems
I personally love the fact that my parents are still so happily married and how supportive they are of each other.  It is what I hope and wish for, for my future and for the future of my sister one day.  We shouldn't lose sight of great things in life - celebrate them and celebrating lasting love!

To my parents - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me and Samantha. We love you both so very much <3

Big Hugs,

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beauty Standards Around the World

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about what makes me feel beautiful. I think this has been sparked by a lot of the events I have attended recently and the discussions I have at them. A lot of the time us bloggers chat about products we like and why we like them. I really love these discussions. I like to know why people like to use makeup, skin care or wear certain clothes. I find is incredibly insightful to hear each person's reasons and a lot of times it is all centred around their emotions - How they feel while applying makeup, when they have it on or how a certain outfit boosts their confidence. 

For me I feel my most beautiful when my skin is looking its best.  Due to the pressures I am under at work my skin has really not been playing nice with me. I don't have serious breakouts (thankfully) but it has gone incredibly dry, tight, feels uneven and is just plain dull. I have been using masks and paying extra attention to it, but to no avail.  I have been feeling so very ugly and it has affected my mood substantially. 

While surfing the web I came across a video on Beauty Standards Around the World. In short, a journalist sent a photo of herself to 22 PhotoShop experts around the world and asked them "Make me beautiful". It was really interesting to see just how differently they all interpret physical beauty.
We do tend to put a lot of emphasis on our appearance and how we are perceived by others. I'd love to be able to say something profound here, but the fact of the matter is that this isn't ever going to change. I definitely don't think there is going to be some major revolution where women will suddenly jump up and burn all their makeup and fashionable clothing - I personally wouldn't because those are the things that add some joy to my day. I think the main thing is that we shouldn't lose sight of why we wear makeup and get dressed up - is it because we enjoy it or is it so that we can be "accepted"?.

The video ends with the question, "What do you find beautiful?". We should all look in the mirror and answer "Me!". I know this is something I personally need to work on. 

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.

Hope you all have a great day!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is a very special day in the Smith family. It is my Mom's Birthday which means I dedicate today's post to my beautiful Mom.
My Mom is an incredibly important part of my life and means so very much to me. She is supportive of everything I do and together with my Dad, they have always made sure that my Sister and I have all the opportunities they didn't have growing up. I definitely would not be where I am today without everything they have done for me. 

My Mom has always been a role model to me. She has worked her entire adult life, studied in the evenings to obtain her degree, all while looking after my sister and I. She's achieved so much in her life which makes me an incredibly proud daughter. I aspire to be like her and appreciate all that she is.

Mommy, I hope you have a very special day! I love you so very much <3

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX