Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lipidol Oils

This past winter I have been using a lot of body oils to help alleviate the dryness of my skin. I actually had 4 bottles of body oils on my one bathroom shelf! They all vary in price and I have 2 in particular that are almost R600 a bottle. I hardly use them because I can't fully justify spending so much on a bottle again and it means that I reserve them for times where I feel like a treat. 

After Shower Oil (175ml)
When I received a bottle of Lipidol's After Shower Oil I was beyond thrilled. I immediately started using it because I really do enjoy trying new things out. The After Shower Oil comes in a clear plastic bottle.  I personally really like the "simple" packaging because I have 2 oils that are in glass bottles and I am always very scared of dropping them and at times they have slipped a bit out of my grip. So, the plastic bottle might not be all that great to some people but I personally love it.
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The oil itself is scented using Chamomile essential oils. I really love how warm and soft the fragrance is. It is perfect for bedtime. The biggest thing I hate with some body oils is the thick, greasy film it leaves on my skin. I am really happy that Lipidol's formula is easily absorbed and doesn't leave and greasy feeling on your skin once absorbed. This oil is designed to replace moisture lost during bathing or showering and it does a great job of doing this. My skin always feels soft, smooth and moisturised after applying this. A 175ml bottles retails for R79.95 and what is even more fantastic is that Lipidol's entire range of 6 oils all cost R79.95 each.  The size of the products vary but R79.95 is still incredibly affordable even for the 50ml facial oil.

Because I loved the After Shower Oil so much I quickly made my way to Clicks when they were released - you can currently get Lipidol's entire range at selected Clicks stores. I picked up the Cleansing Face Oil (Blue bottle) and Body Cleasing Oil (Green Bottle).  I also picked up a bottle of After Shaving Oil for my fiancĂ© which I didn't photograph.

Cleansing Face Oil (125ml)
The oil is fragranced with Rosemary and Niaouli essential oils which immediately makes this a treat to use. I really love using products that are fragranced with essential oils because not only do they smell great, but I know that they have incredible properties on their own to help benefit my skin.  The oil is used to remove dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oily layer. The way to use this is to pour about a teaspoon of the product into that palm of your hand (make sure you washed your hands first), then massage the oil all over your face and neck area. Then simply splash a bit of warm water on your skin to allow the oil to emulsify (it turns a white milky colour). Massage your face a little longer and wash the oil off your face. What I love about this method of washing my face is that I do have dehydrated skin and this helps to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised.  I also love how great this oil is at removing makeup - even stubborn mascara.

Body Cleansing Oil (200ml)
I really love the lime essential oils added to the oil to fragrance it. I find citrus scented bath washes are usually my favourite because it refreshes me.  As with the facial oil the body oil is applied to dry skin and massaged over your body before adding water to emulsify the oil.  I love this way of washing my body. The way I do it is to apply the body oil to your skin before stepping into the shower or climbing into the bath.  At first the oil is going to feel rather thick and heavy on your skin, but as soon as the water hits it, it starts to emulsify and lather up into a soft foam. Once you've washed your body and step out the shower / bath you'll only be left with a very thin film of the oil on your skin.  The rest of the oil has done its job of bonding with the dirt and excess oils on your skin and at the same time some has been absorbed to help kick up the moisture in your skin.   I know this sounds silly, but I really enjoy using these kinds of products because to me it's almost "magical" how the oil is transformed.

Other products in the range: Sunscreen Oil (125ml), After Shave Oil (100ml) and Overnight Face Oil (50ml).  Again all of the 6 oils retail for R79.95 each.

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Monday, 22 September 2014

Manicure Monday

I have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of light pink. I have really been struggling to find one that isn't too pastel or too bright. Finally I found "Luxe be a Lady" by Morgan Taylor.
Luxe be a Lady
I really love wearing this pink. It is pink without being too pink and dusty without being chalky. Just the best!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bourjoir Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner and Rouge Edition 12 hours Lipstick

I was sent a few products from Bourjois to test out quite a while ago. I have been so busy and reviews have been piling up but I wanted to get this review done soon because I have been using these two products almost every day - I absolutely love them!

Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner - Available in stores now!
When I received this eyeliner I was rather thrilled because I got back into lining my waterline and lids which has changed my makeup look quite a bit.  This is a waterproof liner that is creamy in texture. This texture makes it ridiculously easy to apply to the lids or waterlines of your eyes. It glides on effortlessly and the colour is an intense black from the first pass of the pencil.  It doesn't tug on your lids and really is such a pleasure to use. This is waterproof so you don't experience any smudging and your liner looks good all day long.  This is currently available at Clicks and Rubybox for R99.95

12 Hour Rouge Edition Lipstick - Available end September '14
Beige Shooting
As the name of the lipstick suggests, this is a long wear lipstick designed to give you high impact colour that lasts all day.  I was sent the colour Beige Shooting (Shade 31) which suits me absolutely perfectly. I am a big fan of these types of dusty pinking beige colours. What I particularly love about this lipstick is that it is very light weight and not at all sticky on your lips. I also really like that velvety finish it has. Does it last 12 hours...not if you plan on eating or drinking in that time. But from experience, I've gotten a good few hours of wear out of this and it mostly stayed put after a cup of coffee (if you keep the lip licking to a minimum).  It definitely is a long lasting lipstick and for the price, I am very impressed. This is currently not available in stores but should be available at the end of September with the RSP of R129. The collection will have 8 different shades to choose from and I definitely think I will pick up another colour for myself because these are fantastic lipsticks for your handbag.

Thank you to Boujois for sending me these products to try out. I am really loving them and I am especially looking forward to seeing the lipstick in store at the end of September.

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why I love Dermalogica facials and keep going back

I have a confession to make...I am addicted to Dermalogica facials. Not the ones you get at most beauty spas, but the ones you get from the Dermalogica Concept Stores by Dermlogica therapists. Let me just state upfront that this is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to do it. I have been going on and on and on about my facials on Twitter and Instagram but it is because my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in ages.  I have always prided myself on my skin and try my best to keep it in good condition but Dermalogica facial treatments have shown me how much better my skin can be by targeting areas properly.
Post facial no makeup selfie
I have been for two Dermalogica Core Treatments (R580 for 1 hour) and after my very first facial I could feel a difference in my skin. What I absolutely love about these facials is that they are 100% tailored to suit your skin and its needs. Unlike other facials I have been for, where the therapist sticks to "these are the products I must use and only x amount of pumps of this product is allowed", my therapist (Catherine, who is absolutely amazing!) mixes up products to custom make exfoliators and masks for me in the treatment room. Because of this I always leave feeling absolutely amazing.

The facial starts off with a good, thorough cleansing of your skin under a steamer. For those of you who are a bit claustrophobic, mention this to your therapist because this might be too much for you. But if you can handle the steam, it is great at opening up the pores and allowing the cleansers to lift out the dirt. The cleansing seems to take up a lot of time, however this really preps your skin well for the exfoliation.  The exfoliation is again, catered to your skin type and concerns. I recently had a more powerful exfoliation with lactic acid that left my skin the softest and smoothest it has ever been. Seriously, if I could have a bottle of this at home I totally would! I was touching my skin in disbelief and even made JP touch it (I am weird). After the exfoliation Catherine mixed up a few different masks for me to add nutrients back into my skin as well as combat my dehydration.  For good measure I also get a dose of  their Age Smart anti-ageing mask to help prevent premature ageing.  After the masking, the facial ends off with a spray of toner, some serum and moisturiser.  If you don't want to leave the room without any coverage on your skin, the therapist is happy to apply some Dermalogica tint to your face. 

What sets these facials apart from other facials I have had, is that during the facial you receive 3 different massages! First off, during the Cleansing you get a good facial massage. Initially this felt a bit odd to me, but boy oh boy does it help relax a person. Then during the exfoliation you get a a neck and shoulder massage - how great is this sounding! Then finally during the time the mask is working its magic, you are treated to a scalp massage.  This leaves you feeling completely relaxed and you get to walk out the room with amazing skin!

With each facial I have, I get a new skin mapping done which I really appreciate because it helps me know that what I am doing is working and also let's me know what might be "making an appearance" soon. The therapists use special lights and glasses to see close up what is happening in your skin and what is lying beneath the surface - so you are able to address issues before they become a big problem.

So this is why I happily pay my R580 to have an hour long investment in my skin every 3 - 4 weeks. It is my "me time" where I am 100% selfish and focused on spoiling myself. I feel that I work hard enough to say this without feeling shy or guilty about it. It is possibly the only hour I take and basically "shut out the world". I can't wait for the beginning of October when I have my next appointment!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

Monday, 15 September 2014

Manicure Monday

Today I thought I would share a Morgan Taylor colour that I recently bought for my sister, Samantha. When I ask Samantha to choose a nail polish it is always interesting to see what she'll go for, because she does wear a lot wider variety of colours than I do. It is always fun for me to be able to share what my sister likes to wear because it brings a bit more variety into my Manicure Monday posts.  The shade Sam chose is "Make a Statement" and I can definitely see why it was given that name.
Make a Statement
It is a mix of blue and purple glitter particles all of the same size and shape.  You get opaque coverage in just two coats.  Sam said the drying time was quite quick for a glitter nail polish. I personally like to apply a top coat to my glitter manicure because it makes the glitter feel less rough on my nails, but Sam says she gets better wear out of it without a top coat on. It is something I am going to give a try.

We picked this up at Dischem for R99.95 but as I mentioned before there quite a number of stockists of Morgan Taylor now, which I think is fantastic (Sorbet Salons, Takealot, Rubybox and RetailBox to name a few).

Hope you all have a bright week ahead!

Big Hugs,
Charlene XXX

PS. Thank you Samantha for sharing your manicure! You can follow my sister on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to see more of her manicures. She takes great photos of many different things.