• Manicure Monday

    I haven't ever bought dark colours like this before but thought I would try this one out.  This colour is called Inspire.  The thing that I personally like about this colour is that in different lighting it looks so very different.  In sunlight it is a mauve colour and at night it looks almost brown.  I didn't get great wear out of this nail polish because my nails are very thin and bend easily, which in turn causes the nail polish to chip.  This retails for R89.00 at Clicks.


    1. Love this!!! That colour looks amazing on you!!!!

      Have you considered using a product to strenghten your nails? Or let me rather ask this, do you have a routine or products you use? I had really soft nails that would bend for nothing and I hated it! Really made it harder for them to look good.

      1. My nails are very brittle, soft and currently peel because I have an iron deficiency. I have recently started using OPI Nail Envy. It makes my nails feel much stronger. It was R353 (I know so expensive!) but seriously worth it!

      2. I have heard great things about Nail Envy! I am sure it will be great! You should maybe consider a cuticle oil as well. So that your 'new' nail will grow out just as healthy and strong. It really will change everything!!

        Good luck!


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