• Environ Lip Colour from Fowzia

    I recently was lucky enough to receive a surprise prize from Fowzia (visit her blog here).  What made it even more special is that it was hand delivered to my house.
    I have always been very scared of wearing bright lipstick but ever since getting the Dior lipstick from Beauty Bulletin (Read it here), I have become braver with the colours I wear - although I still am a bit reluctant to go too bright with reds.

    The Environ Lipstick I received is a bright, beautiful red colour that goes on incredibly smoothly.  I played around with the intensity of colour and found a darkness that I felt comfortable with.  I am still not really brave enough to step out with fiery red lips, but I'll work up to it with this wonderful lipstick.  It's such a pleasure to wear.  It lasts very well and as it fades it looks like a lip tint.  I often see some red lipsticks that look very ugly as they fade and one has to continually reapply the colour.  I don't have that kind of mindfulness to keep applying lipstick throughout the day.  The lipstick is also very moisturising and hydrating which is essential for a bright lipstick.

    The competition said the lipstick is worth R185.

    Thank you so very much Fowzia for the wonderful lipstick and lipstick case.  I really appreciate it so much because it was completely unexpected to get this prize.  You are a fantastic lady!  Again, don't forget to visit her blog and follow her on twitter: @Fowzia_Gamiet.


    1. This colour looks SO gorgeous on you!! I am not brave enough to wear that shade but seeing how beautiful it looks on you makes me want to at least try!!

      Also, sounds like a lovely lipstick to have. I can appreciate a lipstick that moisturises and doesn't leave your lips dry and flaky.

      1. I must admit that this has made me try thing that are out of my comfort zone. Really enjoyed experimenting and I'm sure you will as well!

    2. What a lovely shade of red and it does look fab on you.


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