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    I have never worn primer or foundation before but on a whim decided to try it out.  I was shopping on MUA's online store and saw that they were running a great introductory special on their Undress Your Skin range, so I took the plunge!
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    Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer
    I love how velvety this makes my skin feel.  It is the perfect base for applying foundation on and helps keep my makeup in place for the whole day.  It's incredibly light wearing and non-greasy.

    Undress Your Skin Foundation
    I've never really tried wearing foundation for a whole day.  I got a shade for my winter tone of skin, which means I go quite light.  The porcelain colour is almost a perfect match for my face at the moment so it should warm up my skin nicely in winter.  This is very light wearing and feels like I don't have anything on my skin.  I think it also looks incredibly natural which is very important, I was so scared of looking like I caked on a ton of makeup.

    Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer
    This is amazing stuff! Really brightens up my eyes, especially with the anaemia I've been battling with.  For the first time I've struggled with darkish rings under my eyes in the morning, but this concealer hides it perfectly.  It blends perfectly into with the foundations and helps make me look fresh and awake.

    Undress Your Skin Shimmer Powder
    I use this shimmer powder to brighten up my cheeks and dab a touch on the tip of my nose and chin to highlight the features.  I really love the design of the powder and it is going to be a shame once the design starts to fade away through use.

    Wearing The Undress Your Skin range and Undress Me Too eyeshadow
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    1. Flawless finish! You look stunning and very natural :) I want that primer and under eye concealer. Loving MUA! :)

      1. I can't wait to see the palettes you bought!

    2. You look gorgeous. Perfect skin :) xx

    3. Great review! The foundation and concealer looks very natural. :)

      1. I was really surprised that it turned out the way it did :)

    4. looks gorgeous and natural. Take a look at my page, we are having a giveaway. Its a perspex makeup organizer, lipstick stand, 10 piece makeup brush set and base blender click on the link for details. http://www.makeupandallthingsnice.blogspot.com/2013/03/giveaway.html

    5. Love this review. I hate wearing foundation so I was look for something that is very light and natural.


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