• Shock! Horror! I use box hair dye!

    This seems to be a very "shocking" subject for some people but the reality is that most women do not have the time and money to go to a salon to have their hair professionally dyed. I personally have experimented with numerous shades from my university years through to my mid-twenties.  For a while I stopped dying my hair but when the greys started showing, I went back to colouring my hair.
    A while back I was sent a number of Schwarzkopf products to test out and one of them was the Deluxe Oil Care colour in the shade Noble Dark Ash Blonde. I like ash blonde hair colour and it is the colour I have used for about 2 years now. This specific shade is really lovely because it has a nice warm undertone and doesn't look to ashy - which can make my hair look a bit dull.

    The dye comes with all the typical contents in the box along with an after colour hair mask.  This hair mask is wonderful. It really nourishes hair and leaves it feeling super smooth.  I've tried a number of brands of hair dyes and some of them can be incredibly harsh. They have a strong scent that actually makes my eyes water and can also be quite messy to apply. This hair dye has a far more subtle scent and is easy to apply.  The dye forms a colour creme that has micro-oils to help nourish each hair fibre.

    Over the weeks I found that the colour looked shiny and rich for around 7 weeks and by week 8 I could see I needed to do a touch up of my roots. But I was still very happy with the colour on the lengths of my hair.  I liked this so much that I went to Dischem to purchase it - to me that says a lot. I didn't go back to the "usual suspects". This is why I felt compelled to write a post on the product.
    Photo on the left has no filter applied. The image on the left is of a Clicks shopping haul where I repurchased a box of the dye.
    You can find this hair colour range at Dischem and Clicks stores across the country.

    Some tips:

    1. If you are going to dye your hair - whether at a salon or at home - it is important to ensure you use hair masks regularly to ensure your hair gets extra moisture and nutrients that it needs to remain healthy. 
    2. If you really want your hair colour to look good for a long time, look for colour care ranges of hair products. This will help extend the lift of your colour.
    3. Follow the instructions closely and rather leave the colour on for a shorter time than over do it.
    4. Always use a hair mask after dying your hair. The conditioner / mask provided with the hair dye is there to help nourish your hair after the dying process so it shouldn't just be chucked. If you don't condition your hair it will be very dry and with certain brands, can become very brittle.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


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