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    Staying active can be really difficult. I've really tried to maintain a habit of working out properly 2 - 3 times a week and be mindful of what I'm consuming. My aim is to be fit, not to necessarily lose a lot of weight.

    When I was initially sent an Elancyl product to test out, I was a bit at odds about it, because I don't believe a product can take away cellulite. That being said, a product can definitely help improve the appearance of your skin and provide your body with some useful nutrients to help you target areas - we see that with facial products. I used the Slim Design Stubborn Cellulite product - even repurchased it a few times because it really helped my skin. You can read my review here if you would like to catch up.

    A few months back Elancyl sent me their Firming Oil to try out and I've really gotten good use out of it. I think what really helped motivate me to use this is that it came with a skipping rope and bottle of water - in all my workouts I always incorporate skipping because it it the best way for me to quickly get my heart rate up and also great for working out your legs, butt and arms.

    Stubborn Cellulite
    This oil has the Caffeine Complex that is also in their Stubborn Cellulite cream. This Caffeine Complex tones, firms and smoothes skin over time with continued use. While I have been using it, I've noticed that my skin benefits greatly from it. Specifically, the texture of the skin looks smoother and over weeks of using it my skin feels tighter.  I follow the same Elancyl professional massaging technique when using this oil - it is key in seeing results (you can see this in my previous post).

    This oil has 2 phases, a Aqueous Phase (Caffeine and Ivy) which reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps to strengthen the skin's firmness and elasticity; and a Oil Phase (Camellia Oil) that strengthens the skin's elasticity and suppleness - this helps to reduce the appearance of early stretch marks. I apply this oil using the massaging technique, to my upper thighs, butt and over my hips.

    It is important to note that if you are planning on purchasing this product, you will see results if you ensure that you use it continuously, eat healthily and follow an exercise program. This product on its own is not going to magically take away your cellulite. The way I see this, is that it is a good companion if you are on a journey to lose weight or want to have something to help improve the appearance of your skin. I use it to help condition my skin because it definitely improves the appearance and texture of skin.

    The recommended selling price is R295. Elancyl products are available online from Takealot and ZANDO as well as from Dischem stores across the country.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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