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    I received the Dentyl Dual Action mouth washes with a beautiful Turkish towel back in early December. I am sure that many of you have seen these  on your Social Media feeds. When pressdrops go out to a number of bloggers I know that you, as readers / followers, do question how effective a product really is. I often find myself a bit hesitant to immediately share my posts after I've tested them just to make sure I am not influenced by other's opinions.
    The Dentyl Dual Action mouth wash is formulated to fight plaque and freshen breath.  The mouth wash is alcohol free with a two phase formula.  The first phase is an aqua-based antibacterial phase which removed bacteria. The second phase contains a natural essential oil that mosturises oral tissue (you gums and tongue). Because it is alcohol free it doesn't burn your mouth at all and also doesn't leave it feeling very dry.

    My initial impression of the product was very good and almost a case of not believing it.  I read the label on the bottle which states that you can see the plague that has been removed from your teeth and gums - I was VERY skeptical and didn't believe it. It sounds like a gimmick and that generally irritates me about products. But I gave this a shot and I was shocked - The mouth wash really works. I could see darker green clumps of debris in the sink (I started off with the smooth mint) and my mouth felt so clean, in fact I couldn't remember when last my teeth felt so smooth and clean. Me being me, I thought it was too good to be true so I tested it out before brushing my teeth just to see how good this is. Besides seeing a lot of debris in the sink I was shocked at how clean my mouth felt. It felt as if I had brushed my teeth. I ran my tongue over my teeth and couldn't feel any plaque buildup. It was so surprised and then I was hooked.

    I finished the Smooth Mint and I am already half way through the Fresh Clove flavour. I have to say that my favourite is the Smooth Mint (even though I really like the purple colour of the Clove flavour). I will definitely be buying a replacement bottle of this product because it really is effective and doesn't burn my mouth at all. My husband and I both really enjoy using this in our dental routine.

    The Dentyl Dual Action is suitable for adults and children older then 6 years. There are a number of flavours to choose from Fresh Clove, Smooth Mint, Icy Cherry and Icy Mint. The recommended selling price is R82,95 and is available Dischem, Clicks, P'nP, Checkers and Spar.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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