• Nivea | 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask

    Whenever I pop into a Clicks or Dischem I always browse the skin care and makeup aisles and the Nivea Urban Detox Masks caught my eye. I've been using these masks for a few weeks and I just had to share them on here.
    Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Pore Refine
    When I first started using skin care, Nivea was one of the brands I used to buy so when I spotted these masks I was very keen to try them out. I bought both the Moisture and Pore Refine Masks which were each R99,99 (I've linked each of these to the Clicks online store in case you want to purchase them now).

    1 Minute Urban Detox Mask - Moisture (75ml)
    This mask contains Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid with detoxifies and moisturises your skin in a 1 minute treatment. It has a really nice fresh fragrance that makes this a treat to use. You apply it to your cleansed, dry skin which you leave on for 1 minute. You can wipe the excess off or massage it into your skin or neck. I have sensitive skin and was a bit worried about leaving this on my skin all night but found that I didn't have any skin irritation. I woke up with beautifully moisturised skin that looked dewy and as if I had 10 hours of solid sleep. I find that after using this my skin looks this way for 2 - 3 days. It really effective at treating dry or dehydrated skin.

    1 Minute Urban Detox Mask - Pore Refine (75ml)
    I have slightly noticeable pores around my nose area and that is why I decided on getting this mask.  It is a self heating mask that contains magnolia extract which helps to detoxify the skin by reducing urban pollutants (meaning it removed impurities from your skin) while refining your pores. When you remove the mask you can immediately see a difference in the appearance of the pores of your skin and overall my skin looked tightened. I was pleasantly surprised by this! It's really great. I use this twice a week where I apply it immediately after I have washed my face - I gently massage it over my skin for a minute before washing it off. If you are struggling with your pores, I can highly recommend this one. With continued use I have definitely notice an improvement.

    When I find effective, budget friendly skin care I really get so excited. If you try this out please let me know what you think of them.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Ah, I haven't seen these in store need to look for them

      Candice | Natalya Amour

      1. I spot these mostly at Clicks stores - hope that helps.

    2. I saw these in stores, but didn't pick them up. I definitely need to go back now!

      1. These are so good for when you are running short on time and need to give your skin a quick boost. The price also makes me like them even more.

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