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    The focus on sustainability is being highlighted more and more. I've seen it all around me and generally, I have found that I try my best to not be wasteful, but there are always some small changes a person can make to do more. I have a cup of coffee every morning at work - which I realised is one immediate way I can start making a small change. I had a look around at the various reusable options available and decided on an eCoffee Cup.
    Initially when I set out looking for a cup, all I knew is that I didn't want a glass or plastic coffee cup. I wanted something I could throw into my bag to take with me to places and not worry about breaking the cup. I spotted some eCoffee Cups in little biscuit shop at my work and was immediately taken with them. There are so many design options available and also some good understated options for those who do not want to walk around with a bright cup.
    The eCoffee cup is made from bamboo which makes it incredibly light and tolerant of very hot liquids. It also doesn't give off any flavour (which is why I was against a plastic cup) and is easy to wash. Overall, I just love my cup - it is so pretty and makes having my cup of coffee so much more special. I enjoy using it so much that I even make my tea and coffee in it when I am at home (I am not making this up..ha ha).

    The only issue I do have is that there are some coffee shops that will not fill reusable cups (can you believe it?!) I have now resorted to making my coffee at home and taking it with me in the car. It can be difficult to get used to having the cup handy and there are days where I forget my cup - but the thing is, I am making a small difference and that difference matters.

    I bought my eCoffee Cup from their online store (was delivered in 2 days) for R215. You can also buy them on YuppieChef and  Cape Coffee Beans.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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