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    Our plans for the day was to visit a few of the vineyards in the area - I always find that is a nice way to take in the scenery of an area. While having breakfast we overhead that there was actually a wine festival on that weekend.  All the vineyards had special plans for the weekend - places were beautifully decorated, there was live music, food trucks and wine flowing at all the vineyards we visited. 
    Walk way to the Paul Cluver tasting room
    The Elgin Cool Wine and Food Festival is an annual event that welcomes visitors to explore all the hidden gems of the Elgin area. The atmosphere at each wine farm was fun, light and friendly. 
    South Hill outdoor tasting area
    JP and I didn't buy tickets to the festival but we chose a few places we wanted to try out and did our own tastings. We started off at South Hill - we arrived just before the crowds arrived and were able to enjoy the wine on couches placed in the warm autumn sunshine. I could have stayed there for hours - it was comfortable, the staff were so friendly and the views were breathtaking. All the wines were easy drinking - which suits my preferences. We spent some time relaxing on the couches while playing fetch with Margot, the cute resident Jack Russel. We left with a bottle of their award winning sauvignon blanc.
    Margot, the resident pup
    Next stop was Charles Fox. I won't lie - I initially chose this place because of the name. Anything with an animal immediately gets my attention and then I saw they did bubbly and it was a must stop on our trip. The vineyard specialises in Cap Classique which they produce from grapes grown in their own fields. It is a relatively young wine farm but have produced Cap Classiques that they can be proud of.
    Some Charles Fox bubbly ageing in tanks
    I am not a big drinker so JP and I decided to take a bit of a break from another tasting and head to Hickory Shack for lunch. We have passed this place so many times when driving through the area but it is usually at a time where the place isn't yet open. So there was no question where we were having lunch while in the area. It was everything I had hoped for it to be. Good, non-fussy and absolutely delicious food. The kind where you can't stop eating! I had the ribs and JP had the pulled pork...the smokey, BBQ flavour....my mouth is watering now just thinking of it. I was also really impressed by the value for money. It is worth a stop and I would even go so far as to say I would happily have a day trip out here again just to come have lunch here again.
    The amazing view from Alemkerk
    With our bellies full I wanted to head to Alemkerk - I read online that the views are incredible so I wanted to go take it in myself. Arriving there, we could immediately see that it is one of the more popular wine farms in the area. It was packed. We struggled to find a place to sit and the queue to get tasting was a bit too much for us. So we decided to rather walk around a bit then head out. I definitely want to go back when it isn't as busy because I've read so many good reviews of the place.
    Wine tasting under the trees at Paul Cluver
    We made our way back to the N2 to head to Paul Cluver and I am so glad we went there. Initially it is quite deceptive, from the road you see an apple factory and it just doesn't look wonderful to be honest. But as you drive around the factory and down a road the vineyards and wine farm emerges. It is beautiful! We arrived as many people were leaving so there was quiet seating outside the tasting room which is set under beautiful large old trees. JP and I could happily chat away and head into the tasting room when we we ready for the next wine. It was wonderful! The Riesling wines were my favourite - because they are sweeter. We decided to buy a bottle of the Noble Late Harvest Riesling dessert wine - it is unbelievably good! We finished up at Paul Cluver around 4pm so decided to head back to Old MacDaddy.
    The view from our trailor patio at Old MacDaddy
    At around 5pm JP and I went for a walk around South Hill - the wine farm is about a 1km walk from Old MacDaddy. We went there because they have a 3km walk around the vineyards. We walked through the vineyards, took in the views while chatting about the day had. It was wonderful.
    View on our walk through South Hill
    We ended off our day eating wood fired pizza at the Old MacDaddy restaurant with a fire roaring in the fireplace. The cold night autumn air had us speed walking to our trailor where we had a quick shower before jumping under the covers and cuddling in our little Birdie trailor. 

    I loved our stay here. Eligin. The area is simply breathtaking and such a wonderful escape from the city. I will be back - no doubt about it!


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