• Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask

    Lamelle sent me a Serra Lipid Recovery Mask to try out and I've been using it consistently for well over 2 months now.  As many of you know, I struggle with dry skin and need products to help my skin feel comfortable.
    The mask is especially formulated to provide extra moisture and support for dry skin types.  Whenever my skin is dry and sensitive I apply a good amount of the product to my face and within 10 minutes my skin feels so much more comfortable - it is hydrated, plumped up and far less sensitive.  This is because the mask helps to repair the barrier of your skin which calms sensitive skin. When your skin's barrier is damaged it allows water to escape which leads to drier skin.

    Creamy and silky in consistency, this mask is easy to apply and can be removed with a damp face cloth. The mask contains Cermide-P (creates a multiple lipid layer similar to your normal skin), Dexpanthenol (reduces irritation), Oat beta glucan extract (assists in collagen production) and anti-inflammatory peptides. I have been using this 3 times a week initially and after three weeks I found that two treatments per weeks was working well for my skin.

    It is always a struggle to find face masks that are effective and affordable. You can buy this from Dermastore and Renewal Institute for R455 which is such great value for money.

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    Information from Lamelle's website

    The Serra range of products significantly improves dryness, sensitivity and atopic dermatitis. The ingredients mimic the structure and function of the lipid bi layer in the epidermis, while also calming and soothing inflammation and inhibiting inflammatory responses. All the ingredients used in this range have been tested and found safe and effective on both adults and children. Lamelle products are fragrance free, paraben-free and not tested on animals.


    1. The product can N95 Mask be applied with proper equipment and traditional material. Once treated, the surfaces are safe to touch with no known risks of toxicity. The active ingredients are safe and are not known to cause irritation or sensitization.

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