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    We have an outdoor area that we just don't use at all. It has a hot tub (we do not use it because it gobbles up water and electricity) and the lapa covering it was falling apart. My idea is to have a nice open space that has a courtyard look and feel to it.

    I created  bit of a mood board of the colours I like. It turned out to be a mix of traditional Greek and Moroccan colours - I love the brightness.
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    Things we plan on doing:

    1. Plaster the existing little round wall and paint it a bright blue - I want a really bright area. Our bedroom and gym look out onto this area so I want it to be fun to look at.
    2. Bring in some big pots and plant structural plants in them - thinking bight yellow to pop against the Greek Blue and proper terracotta pots
    3. Cover the hot tub with wooden decking to create a seating area - we don't use the hot tub at all but don't necessarily want to get rid of it. Putting a seating area out there will give it more of  courtyard feel and create another space for us to use. Well make sure that the decking can be removed easily should a future owner want to use it.
    4. Paint the walls white - I want to brighten the space and help offset the blue, yellow and green (from the plants). I am torn about painting the vibracrete walls. Thinking of rather putting something up against the walls....but I don't know what I can do there.
    5. Build a raised bed between the hot tub wall and wall next to the hot tub - to help add some interest to the big boundary wall, I want to add more plants. It is also a very odd space and keeping that area clean will be a struggle. Filling it up with plants will really transform the space.
    6. There are two existing flower bed areas that don't really have too many plants but I would like to put a little raised wall around them and fill them with some flowering plants. The trick here will be to get some water wise plants because we don't know how long Cape Town is going to struggle with the drought.
    This past Easter weekend we set to work on taking the lapa down...what a mission it was! I haven't had such an intense workout since climbing the volcano in Réunion (you can read that post here). I took some photos of the before up to the point we got to this weekend. 

    I am really excited because the space looks so big and we can really fill it up nicely. We'll be working on this project over the weekends and I'll share some updates on my social media. I am starting to look out for interesting pots and some landscaping items to help create some interest in the space. 

    If you have any fun ideas or interesting things to share, please leave a comment below or pop me a message on Twitter or Instagram (I am gee_whiskers).

    I cannot wait for this to be completed and I look forward to all the work ahead.

    Big Hugs,


    1. It is so cool that you both have an exciting project to work on together! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

      1. Can't wait to get it done. Currently nothing happening because if the weather but I want to get going on it!


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