• Sorbet Salon Skin Vitamin Rescue Masque

    It is very seldom that you find a good quality skin care at a really affordable price. On a whim while shopping at Clicks I spotted the Sorbet Salon Skin Vitamin Rescue Masque for R100 and decided to take a chance on it.
    Sorbet Skin Care
    With a label that reads "Energise, replenish and restore" how could I not buy this mask - it has many of the things I want in a mask. The product has a combination of lemon, orange and bergamot oils; Shea Butter; and high concentrates of vitamins A, C and E.

    The mask is a thick, white creamy paste consistency that sinks into your skin. One thing that is a bit strange about this mask, is that while it is drying, it has an almost clay mask type feeling on your skin. It gives you the illusion that it is drying out your skin. At first I was quite shocked because I wasn't expecting it but when the mask is rinsed off, my skin looked and felt hydrated and plumped up.

    I have been using this mask for almost 2 months now (multiple times a week) and I have used more than half of the tube already. I use quite a thick layer of the product on my skin because I have found that it gives the best results this way. As the product dries it absorbs into the skin and having more of the product on my skin ensures my skin gets the most out of the treatment.

    Overall, I am really impressed with this product - especially when you consider the price point. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

    Big Hugs.
    Charlene XXX

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    1. I recently bought this from clicks online and I have thoroughly been enjoying it.

      Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za


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