• Avène Beach Bag Essentials

    At the beginning of the December holidays Avène kindly sent me some sun protection productions to test out. Cape Town really put these products to the test!

    Avène Eau Thermale SPF50+ Anti-Aging Sun Care (RSP R229.95)
    This is a firm favourite of mine! This product contains the famous Avène Thermal Spring Water so I had high hopes and I am glad it lived up to my expectations. To me this isn't just a sunblock, it is an everyday moisturiser with the benefits of being a great sunblock. It is light weight and absorbs easily into the skin. After about 30 - 40 seconds of applying it, you have a good base for your makeup products so you can easily apply foundation or BB cream to your skin without the worries of it sliding off doing the day. The sunblock has antioxidants in it and is also water resistant. When we did the recent Wine Walk to Warwick, 
    I reapplied this along the walk and didn't experience any sticky feeling on my skin. Often with sunblocks I find that I have to first wipe my skin down before applying more sunblock because the sunblock doesn't absorb well, this sunblock absorbed well and didn't feel heavy on my skin. At R229.95 this is a steal in my opinion. You very seldom find good everyday moisturisers for under R300 let alone one that has an SPF of 50+.

    Avène Eau Thermale SPF50+ Lotion (RSP R299.95)
    Although I am not a big beach goer, when you spend a lot of time walking around the Cape Winelands farms and wine estates a product like this is an essential! It's so easy to get caught up in all the beautiful views (and cute animals that I have to pet!) that you forget to apply sun block. This sunblock offers very high protection which gives you some peace of mind (although one should always reapply sunblock throughout the day). This sunblock is light on the skin, water resistant and doesn't leave any white residue on your skin or clothing once absorbed. It is great for sensitive skin because it has the lowest number of chemical filters on the market. One thing I especially like is the value you get - this massive tube is R299.95 and because it is formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water you are nourishing your skin at the same time as protecting it. After use my skin looks and feels great - that is why I prefer sun care products produced by skin care brands.

    Avène Eau Thermale 50+ Spray for Childern (RSP R259)
    I really like sun care that comes in spray bottles because it is just so easy to spray and rub into the skin. I think this is especially easier when you are applying sunblock to children (even though I am not a mother myself). This sunblock provides the same benefits as the lotion mentioned about but is specifically formulated to be used on children's skin.

    Avène Thermal Spring Water (RSP R149)
    Okay, so I surprised myself, for some reason I can't find an old review on my blog of this Thermal Spring Water despite purchasing this multiple times. I permanently keep a can of this in my fridge to spray on my skin when I am getting hot or when my skin feels dry. This Thermal Spring Water is famous because of how effective it is at restoring your skin's balance, soothing sensitive skin and providing hydration. I can't really word this as well as the information on the Avène website so I'll leave a link here where you can fully read up on it. Whenever there are sets with a small can I tend to buy them because it is so handy for traveling and also fits into my handbag if I need some on the go.

    Some of my top tips for the Thermal Spring Water:
    1. Spray some Thermal Spring Water to cool down your skin before applying the Eau Thermale Sun Care products
    2. The Thermal Spring Water is perfect for treating sun after being out in the sun. If you unfortunately got a bit too much sun, this cools sunburn and nourishes the skin without trapping in the heat.
    3. If you have a cut or scrape on your skin, the Thermal Spring Water can be used to clean and sooth the area.
    4. When I have a skin flare up - I get a fine rash and my skin turns red - I use this to sooth the area and it calms down after a few minutes. I then continue to use the water until is clears up.
    Avène products are available from Clicks and Dischem stores across the country.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


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