• This stuff saved my hair!

    Quite a few weeks ago I started to see and feel a difference in my hair. It was looking really dull and was full of static. At the time I went to have my hair cut and the hairdresser told me my hair was incredibly dry. I was using a brand that claimed to be moisturing but it obviously just wasn't working for me. While at Dischem I spotted Not your Mother's Beach Babe range. Initially it was the name that made me pick up the tube and then seeing that it is sulfate free it had me very interested.
    Beach Babe
    The product is infused with sea kelp and coconut oil - it smells SO GOOD! What I personally liked about this product, after the first use I could feel that my hair was definitely a lot less static and also seemed to have more volume. I have very fine hair so products easily weighs it down. After blow drying my hair, it looked and felt a lot smoother and over the weeks of using it my hair feels great. It is soft, has some bounce to it and the smell continues to make me happy when I have to wash my hair.

    Overall, I am very impressed with this product so much so that I wasn't even half way through my first bottles and went to buy 2 more just in case I run out and forget to buy more. It is around R140 for 237ml and there is a product for a number of hair types or concerns. Next time you are in Dischem pop by and have a look at what is on offer.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I was quite interested when I saw these in store, also because of the name! Thanks for the review, I will definitely have a look at which are best suited for my hair type.


      1. I am getting so many responses to this post on my social media with people raving about this range - so happy I found it.

    2. I also have fine fair and have been struggling with very static hair the last few weeks. So keen to give this a try!

      1. Definitely worth a try - I am so happy with the results. I started my second bottles and I am going to get more because I worry about it running out - lol

    3. I have also noticed @NYMBrands at @Dischem and bought their #BlowDryAccelerator and I adore it 😍 Need to try their other products ASAP!


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