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    April welcomes a lot of new products from Maybelline and I was lucky enough to receive them before they were launched so that I could test them out.  I really have a lot of fun with  new makeup and the batch of products that were sent to me are ones that really pushed me out of my comfort zone - which I ended up really enjoying.

    Most of you that follow me on social media (I am gee_whiskers on Instagram and Twitter) would have seen me testing out the new Color Sensational Bold and Matte Lipsticks. I was sent 2 Matte shades and 2 Bold shades - all in shades I typically would NEVER really wear or think to buy. But after giving these all a test I am won over.
    Clockwise: Matte (886) Berry Bossy, Matte (882) Fiery Fushia, Bold (883) Orange Danger and Bold (885) Midnight Merlot.
    The lipstick are a very pigmented and last incredibly well on your lips. I am talking hours of perfect colour. After my morning coffee, water throughout the morning and a snack, I still have good coverage with all these colours. It was only around 2pm that I could have done with a bit of a touch up but my lips still had a very pretty stain of colour on them. The two matte shades in particular really gave my lips a beautiful stain of colour and lasted the longest on my lips. At R134.95 these are a bargain in my opinion. The formulation and pigmentation of the lipsticks are fantastic.
    Clockwise: Brow Precise Fiber Filler applicator, Master Stobing Stick swatches and the Falsies Push-up Angle Mascara wand
    A big favourite for me is The Falsies Push-up Angel Mascara. I am a big fan of mascara and this one is a winner. The wand is a bit intimidating at first because of its shape but the wand pushes up lashes creating a lifted and plumped out look from the very roots of your lashes. The formulation of the mascara ensures that your lashes hold the shape throughout the day and does not smudge. Again, I can't believe this mascara is only R149.95 - this is the standout winner to me of all the products sent to me. In all the photos I took of the lipsticks, I used the Mascara, Primer and Setting Spray to give you an idea of the look.

    The Brow Precise Fiber Filler is perfect for someone that needs results fast. The product contains little fibers that fill in gaps and adds colour to your brows. The applicator is in a little spoon shape that has a bristled edge to help distribute the product evenly and precisely. I am not one who fusses over my brows but this is really good for when you want to set your brows and give them more definition. At R109.95 this is a good value for money product that really delivers.

    When it comes to highlighters, I don't use them everyday. It's just that in the morning before work, I try to get my makeup on very quickly and fuss free. So adding a highlighter to my routine is the part where I just don't see the value in time spent. But that being said, these Master Strobing Sticks are very easy to use and when I have used them, they have been good. They have a very creamy formula and definitely add dimension to my face. They catch light well but don't have the really intense highlights compared to some powder highlighters I have tried previously - for me this is a good thing because I like a more natural glow to my skin. There are 3 shades available - light (100), medium (200( and dark (300). At R159.95 these aren't too badly priced for a highlighter product, But because I am not big on highlighers, I personally wouldn't buy these. But if you are looking for a cream highlighter that is natural and easy to work with, definitely give one of these shades a try.

    Now I am on to the last two products - Super Stay 24H Makeup Setting Spray (R149.95) and Super Stay 24H Makeup Primer (159.95). First off the Primer is very runny in consistency, which makes it very easy to apply to the skin and feels super lightweight. If is formulated to even out your skin's surface and control shine. Your skin is perfectly prepped for makeup application.  After applying all your makeup, the setting spray is used to lock everything in place and extend the wear of your makeup. As bad as this sounds (which I don't intend it to), this is like hairspray for your face. It's not going to keep your makeup absolutely perfect for hours on end, but when used with the primer, it definitely helps prolong it and prevents that "lived in" look by the end of the day. One thing I have noticed about this setting spray is that with dehydrated skin, your skin can feel quite tight and dry when using this spray - so what I do is apply a light facial oil in the morning before my moisturiser and that just helps to offset that feeling.

    So there you have it! I was also sent The Blushed Nude Palette (R249.95) but I haven't really gotten around to testing it out properly. But the palette has rose-toned shades ranging from beige to bronze and taupe shades that really makes this a very pretty palette.

    All products are available at Dischems, Clicks and P'nP stores across the country. If you had to get two things - I would personally choose the mascara and lipsticks - they are my two winning products.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. So many new products to get excited about!

    2. Loved this thorough post - also, those lipsticks look gorgeous on you!


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