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    Initially I was going to do a single post on the facial routine I do at home but it ended up being far too long. I decided to split it up so this week I'll be sharing my routine - this is going to look like a Demalogica plug but these are the products I use when I need a targeted treatment. I am in my early thirties and ageing is a big concern for me. In an effort to try to slow down my skin't aging, I've invested in some skincare products that I've tested out through facials. The Dermalogica facials I've had in the past (read one of my posts here) have always given me some of the best results and because of this, over time I have purchased products to use at home.

    Since I started going for the treatments, I found that I was skipping too many weeks because of my work schedule and that is why I opted to purchase products so that I can have more frequent facials. I've also be fortunate enough to be sent some products from Dermalogica that have obviously helped me in affording this routine (when Sorbet has their sales I go stock up on products). In the first post I am going to do a product review while explaining my facial routine.
    Facial Routine
    After cleansing my skin, I always start my facial with a very good exfoliation to ensure that the products I use are able to penetrate into my skin. If you don't get rid of the dead skin cell layer, ingredients within your products aren't able to get through the layer of dead skin and just sit on the surface doing nothing. It is a complete waste of money! That is why it is important to invest in a good exfoliator, one that will get rid of the dead skin cells and also condition your skin in a way that it is ready to absorb your next products.

    Recently I was sent one of the new products in the Age Smart range, the Daily Superfoliant. This is  highly-active resurfacer that aims to give you smooth skin while fighting biochemical and environmental triggers which accelerate aging. The product is made up of Activated Binchotan Charcoal, Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract. These are all in a powder form that is activated once you add water to it. I dispense half a teaspoon of the product into the palm of my hand and add a touch of water to it. Mixing the product and water you'll notice a frothy paste forms which you then smooth across your skin to start the exfoliation process.
    I gently rub this across my face and neck area for one minute to help the exfoliation process then rinse the product off my face with luke warm water. This exfoliant is very effective at smoothing your skin without any abrasive feeling. As much as I like to feel a scrub I have realised over time that that type of abrasive action is just not great from my face skin and have now moved to more gentle methods.

    At R1180 it isn't cheap but if you keep in mind that you only use half a teaspoon of the product, it becomes a bit easier to see the value in it. I don't use it every day because I know my skin can be very sensitive at times, so I alternate days which means this product will last even longer for me.

    I'v enjoyed this product so much that I've already made JP, my parents and Samantha try it out and all of them were very impressed. We all also have different skin types and none of us had any bad reaction to this product.

    If you are interested in reading up more about this product here is a link to the Dermalogica website and online store.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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