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    I am not one who really celebrates Valentine's Day but I can't resist Lush's Valentine's collection of products. Despite having water restrictions, I decided to get a few products and keep them for a time when I can enjoy them guilt free.

    What I bought:

    1. Lovestruck Bubble Bar (R72.50) - this is just the cutest product! With the popularity of emojis I'm surprised these haven't featured in a Lush collection before. This bubble bar has a lemon and geranium fragrance to it. I personally really like fruity floral scents so I can't wait to use this.
    2. Cupid Ballistic (R49.50) - this ballistic is basically Valentine's day personified. With a blend of bergamot, rose and violet leaf, it is a sweet smelling treat.
    3. The Kiss Lip Scrub (R105.00) - Lush lip scrubs are well known for their effectiveness and more so for their yummy taste. The Kiss lip scrub is just as great but what makes it even better is that it contains little edible hearts and even hundreds and thousands!
    4. The Kiss Lip Gloss (R80.00) - This shea butter and coconut oil blend is excellent at moisturising lips with added almond and tangerine oils to further help soften your lips. There is also guarana seed powder to plump up your lips.  The gloss has a pretty pale pink colour that gives your lips some subtle colour and loads of shine. This lip gloss comes is limited edition so if you like it, head over to Lush soon.
    There are so many beautiful products in the collection this year and some products are still in stock online. So spoil yourself before they are all gone!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. With our water restrictions, if you do decide to have a bath, invite someone to share the bath with you - sharing is caring after all!

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