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    I have been meaning to do some posts after my trip in November but just never really got around to it. I realise that now is not really the ideal time to be posting about holidays and preparing for them, when we've all recently gone back to work, but if I don't do this post now, I just know it is never going to be done.
    This post is all about the stuff I took with me on the plane to help make the trip a bit more comfortable. I am not a happy flier, I do not like being in cramped spaces for long and if the flight is bumpy I get motion sickness. I take things with me that are essentials, not really nice to haves, because I try to pack light.

    The products I share in this post all fit into a small bag that I keep inside my larger carry on bag. The carry on bag, doesn't have too many extra things in it because I don't like carrying a heavy bag around while I am waiting for a connecting flight. So let's jump into my inflight essentials.

    1. Small bag - When you are comfortably seated on the plane, the last thing you want to do is get up to get things out of your luggage, especially if there is food service and the trays are out. To avoid this, I find that having a smaller bag (that fits inside my hand luggage), that I can keep with me during the flight, to be very convenient. In there I keep all the things I'll need during the flight and it can easily be stored under the seat in front of me. That way if I need anything, I don't have to ask anyone to get up during the flight to get things out of the overhead storage. What I also like is that I can keep important things like passports, money, camera and phones on me at all times too - call it a symptom of being South African, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
    2. Facial wipes - as soon as I get onto a plane I remove any makeup I might have on my face. Although now I just don't even bother with makeup on flights. The first trip I did in 2015, I wore makeup and didn't take if off on the flight. My skin took a serious knock. These wipes are also very useful if you need to clean your hands during the flight. I find they also come in so handy when you get off a long flight and have a layover at an airport. I go into a bathroom cubicle and wipe my body down just to feel more refreshed and clean.
    3. Samples of good products - all those little sachets of creams and oils are perfect for taking with on holiday and travel so easily in your carry on luggage. When I visit Kiehl's stands to get my staple face oils, I always ask for a little sachet of the midnight recovery concentrate oil and their Ultra Facial Cream. They usually give me a few samples and will ask about what my husband uses and give some samples for him as well These really worked a charm on the plane. I also took some Dermalogica samples with me which I used in the airport while waiting for a connecting flight. Their intensive moisture balance cream was such a life saver after a flight where I couldn't eat or drink anything because I felt so nauseous. My skin was so dehydrated and this did the trick to help restore everything. Little bottles of perfumes are also fantastic for trips. If however you don't want to travel with one, while you are sampling some perfumes in duty-free just sprints a bit on your body to help make you feel less smelly.
    4. Power bank - when power banks first became affordable I purchased one and it was really such a massive game changer for me. I love taking photos using my camera or phone and this inevitably kills the battery. I am heavily reliant on being able to charge my devices when I need to. Before leaving for Amsterdam, I bought myself a power bank with a lot of capacity so that I could fully charge my phone and camera at least a few times during a day. I chose one that had two USB ports so that I didn't have to choose between charging one device over the other. Initially it was also bought with the intention of charging both my and JP's cellphones but he forgot his USB cable at home...no comment...ha ha. There are a lot of options out there, I personally trust in the Romoss brand. They make a lot of different types of batteries. The power bank I have is a Gt1 10000Mah and is available from Takealot for under R500. During the flight I don't really use my phone but on long layovers I use my phone a lot and if there is wifi, I usually give my family a call. When I get onto the plan I pop my phone on charge which usually take about 10 to 15 minutes. Having a fully charged cellphone is important when you land and need to find your way to your accommodation.
    5. Travel pillow and eye mask - Invest in a good travel pillow. I didn't get a travel pillow on my first trip and I really struggled to get a comfortable sleeping position. I don't usually sleep well on flights and sometimes I can't sleep at all, but even then the pillow helped support my head and keep me more comfortable while I was sleep deprived and feeling quite miserable. I chose to get a small travel inflatable pillow and eye mask set that is stored in a small pouch to not take up too much space in my carry on luggage. It worked well but JP's memory foam pillow was far more comfortable.
    6. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste - On some long flights the airline will provide a toothbrush but on others they don't. When we've travelled, our total time spend travelling has been around 19 hours - 19 hours without brushing your teeth will not feel great. It is also a good idea to get up during flights, so after a meal service,give it a few moments to calm down then go brush your teeth in the restroom. I did notice some people just took a tiny bottle of mouth wash with them instead of a toothbrush and toothpaste. The minty toothpaste taste also helps to relieve a bit of the nausea from motion sickness.
    7. Lip balm - My lips dry out seriously in an airplane. I don't use it too often but when I didn't have one, I ended up with dry cracked lips by the time we landed at our destination. I took the Labello Med Repair lip balm with me and it was fantastic. It gives your lips a good coat of Wheatgerm oil that protects them for longer.
    8. Medication - if you battle with headaches, sinus or any specific ailment where you need medication - don' forget to take it with you on the flight. I buy a little box of Compral to take with on trips. Where possible, I think it is safer to keep the medication in their original packaging so that if your bag is searched they can clearly see what it is. I really have such an irrational fear of being cavity searched at an airport all because they mistook my Compral for something else (I've watched too many movies where this has happened so I don't take chances). I battle with sinus (which causes migraines) and I am on the pill, so I take those things with me too. When you have to take medicine at a specific time, it is a good idea to keep it with you so that you don't forget. You are allowed to push a small bag under the seat in front of you to have easy access to things. Because I struggle with motion sickness and don't get much sleep on a flight I did have some homoeopathic medication to assist me - No-Jet-Lag, which helps you feel less tired. They direct you to take it before a flight and then chew one tablet every two hours. Tripease was the other product for motion sickness. You take it before the flight and then 1 every hour while you are struggling with motion sickness. You can find both these products at Dischems and Medirite pharmacies.

      Important to note:For certain prescription medication you will need to take a note from your doctor stating what the medication is. I think if in doubt it is best to just get a note from your doctor to be safe.
    9. Earphone / Headphone adapter - The headphones provided by airlines are really not great quality and don't really shut out the noise around you. I found little adapters that converts your auxiliary cable into a split plug that the planes use. It was so nice using my own earphones which doubled as earplugs when I wanted to sleep. I bought mine from Takealot at the time, but I can't seem to find it anymore, I did however spot these at Gadget Time stores.
    10. Comfy clothing - on my first trip I didn't really think about in-flight comfort and wearing clothing that allowed my body to expand (My body seriously swells up during a flight because I don't move around). If you are concerned about the way you are going to look, take a change of comfy clothing with you that you can change into before the takeoff - but definitely think about your comfort over your appearance. This time round I wore stretchy loose fitting clothing and took shoes with me that I could slide on and off very easily. I also took a big scarf with me that could double as a blanket because I found that on late night flights I get cold and the cotton blanket they provide you with just isn't enough. The plus side of this also is that the scarf could also double as a pillow.

    If there is anything you personally like to take with you that is not on my list, please leave a comment below or tweet me what you like to take with. I am always looking for ways to make a flight more comfortable.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Wow, this is the most helpful travel list I have come across! I have only travelled internationally once, so I'm not too clued up on what is and what isn't allowed. On a normal day I down litres of water because the medication I'm on makes me very thirsty. I found that on the plane this was intensified. Those little cups of water the attendants supply are just not enough. How do you combat this? (Are we allowed to take bottles of water on board?)

      1. You can take water on board. Some airlines won't allow big bottles of liquids through security, but in duty free you can buy food and water and take it on the flight. On the flights I have been on, in the kitchen area they have snacks and water readily available (Emirates economy class). You can also ask the attendants for something to drink at any time. Hope this helps!

    2. This is super helpful! Thank you - I think I'm going to be taking all these things with me when we go to Italy in a couple of months!

      1. I am SO EXCITED for you! You are always welcome to pop me messages if you need any tips.

    3. Such a helpful list! Are they ok with the little samples? Although I think they seem to have relaxed some of the rules about liquids on board. The last time we flew internationally, OR Tambo didn't even check for liquids - but I was so neurotic about liquids and having everything in tiny, clear bottles...

      1. I had no issues with my samples because they were all little sachets. I only took enough with me for the flights going there and kept extras in my checkin luggage. In your carryon they can be restrictive and look out for big liquid containers. Within your checkin luggage you can take bigger bottles of stuff, just put them in ziplock bags in case the lids pop open. It will keep your bag's contents safe.


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