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    I am the type of person that tries to be active but at the same time, I am a bona fide couch potato. At the end of a LONG day all I want to do is get into PJs and rest on the couch, but that lifestyle is seriously starting to catch up with me. I think the fact that I am in my thirties means that my body is also just not burning calories like it used to and my bad choices are more evident than when I was in my twenties...now at the same time, I know I am never going to be skinny and my goal isn't to be skinny, but rather to be healthy.

    Those of you who follow me on social media will know that JP (my husband) and I recently converted an outside area into a home gym.  In an effort to be more active and healthier I have been trying to use the gym (despite having a shoulder injury) and just generally trying to make some small changes to be healthier.
    Home Gym

    One thing that I know I can immediately do better with, is simply drinking more water. Over the past month, I have really been trying to make an effort to drink more water not only because it is good for your healthy but it has great benefits for your skin.  When I get dehydrated my face immediately looks at least 3 - 5 years older and sometimes the lines around my eyes are quite scary for someone my age.  By increasing my water intake my face does plump up a bit more and my complexion looks far less dull.

    One day while at work I received a pressdrop which I was not expecting and when I opened it, I immediately got excited. I received a Brita Fill & Serve Water Filter Carafe. When I opened the box the first thing that struck me was the really modern design of the carafe. It is a product that will look good in your home and something you want to use because it is so pleasing on the eye. I am not super fussy when it comes to water and I do drink water straight from the tap, but I did notice a difference in that taste of the water from tap versus that from the Brita carafe. It is difficult to describe taste, but I find that the water from the carafe feels smoother in my mouth and has a crisp, clean taste to it. I've never had problems with the taste of the tap water but now I find that I reach for the carafe instead of walking to the tap and that is a big deal for me because I am a creature of habit.
    Home Gym
    In a nutshell the carafe has a Brita Micro Disc that filters out chlorine and other substances in the water (the things that usually make water taste bad) but the great thing about this disc is that it allows minerals to filter through so that you don't lose out on the benefits of them (things like calcium, magnesium and potassium).  The disc is made of compressed natural carbon from coconut shells which I found really intriguing. A disc can be used for up to 4 weeks and filters up to 150 litres of water. If you are someone who buys bottled water, you will save quite a bit of money over time by getting yourself one of these carafes. One thing I really think is clever, is that it has a built in little digital reminder of when to replace the disc.  Once you have placed the disc inside the carafe you simply hold the little start button down and it then sets the timer for when you need to replace the disc.  I would need a reminder because the days do run away from me and I simply wouldn't remember to replace the disc.
    Home Gym

    Some quick info:
    Cost - R499 for the carafe and R299 for 3 replacement discs
    Capacity - 1.3 litres
    Materials - Tritan (high gloss and long lasting)
    Convenience - Dishwasher safe and easily fits inside the fridge door
    Available - Online from Yuppie Chef and Takealot as well as Makro and Pick 'n Pay

    Now the big question, would I buy one? It isn't something that I would have thought of purchasing, however now that I have been using one, I really would buy it. I will definitely be purchasing the replacement discs so that I can continue to use this carafe. To me that says a lot about how much I like this product.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Visit the Brita website for more information and to view their entire product range.


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