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    In November JP and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We made a pact that for our anniversaries we'll always go away - be it local or overseas. This year we have planned,booked and paid for our trip - we are going to Amsterdam!
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    When I tell people that we are going to Amsterdam I always get the response, "Why Amsterdam?" and my answer is quite simple - "Why not?!". Ages ago I watched a travel show on Amsterdam and was just so taken with it. When JP asked me where I wanted to go - we both wanted to do another overseas trip together - and this popped into my head. JP and I plan to try to travel as much as possible, so I don't see this as being a waste. Yes, November time is the time of year people go to the exotic beaches but I am not one that loves going to the beach, so why would I spend tens of thousands of Rands to go sit on a beach somewhere when I won't even go sit on the beach here at home.
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    Anyway, I am so excited and just had to share the news! It is going to be a LONG wait until November but JP and I are going to Kol Kol Mountain Lodge this week to celebrate his birthday.  I booked this back in January because it books up fast. I can't wait to escape for a bit.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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