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    When it comes to weekends away, I always take some pamper products with me because it helps me unwind.  I tend to get some key products, the brands might differ based on what I can find in the store but these are the types of products that I love using.
    I start off my pampering evenings with a long bath to ensure my skin is clean and my pores are nicely open. Once I am done with my bath I immediately apply a nose strip and a pair of firming eye patches.  While the nose strip is drying the eye patches gives my eye area a bit of extra TLC. I am in my thirties which means I have to take care of this area.  The nose patch helps clear the pores around my nose by lifting out blackheads and impurities.  I have tried multiple brands and tend to always go with Cettua or Sorbet products.  The Cettua face products are especially good and I really love their packaging. Cettua is a Korean skincare brand and Korea is known for their amazing skincare products. Sorbet is also very good and produced locally so I like to support them.

    After the nose strip has dried I pull that off (and I do like to look at the strip under a light to see what it has lifted up - yes, it is gross but it is nice to see it work), take off the eye patches and apply the sheet facial mask.  I love these types of masks because they are a great intensive treatment.  The mask is a sheet that has been soaked in serum.  I have written about these types of masks previously (click here to read it), but they truly work the best at giving you an intensive treatment, especially if you are battling with dehydration or breakouts. You'll find many different types of masks with different ingredients that are also at different price points.

    Once I have my face mask applied, I like to put foot mask booties on.  I pull a pair of socks over the booties to allow me to walk around, I also find that the warmth that builds up helps the serum to absorb and the booties work better that way.  The Cettua and Sorbet ones I buy are usually around R36 - R44 each, which is rather steep for one treatment, but I use them to supplement my current skin care routine and when I need a good treatment.

    I try to "tolerate" the masks for as long as possible but always make sure that I have both products on for at least 20 minutes to allow my skin to absorb as much serum as it can. Once I am done with the face mask, I use the mask as a cloth over my body - the mask is so saturated in serum that there will be  lot of product left, so instead of just throwing it away, I rub it over my chest and arms. I do the same with the booties - rubbing the serum up my legs.  Sometimes JP and I will even share a pair of booties when I don't need to apply the product to the rest of my body.

    Using these products forces me to slow down for some time and just relax - that is why I always take these things with me when I go away. Usually my sister and I will use these when we have sisters weekends or when we just spend time together, but I have also had JP involved in the pampering. What is nice about it, is that you get to spend time with people you love as well - enjoying each other's company.

    So that is a quick rundown of my pamper essentials.  I haven't done an in-depth review on each product but if you'd like to find out more leave a comment below and I'll do a post on each product.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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