• Nivea Protect & Care Antiperspirant

    Nivea is a brand I have been using for over 20 years. The first body cream my mom bought me was the Nivea Creme that comes in a tin. So when I received a pressdrop from Nivea made to look like the Nivea Creme tin I was thrilled.
    Nivea have launches a new antiperspirant that is inspired by their Nivea Creme.  For someone who loves the "Nivea" scent this made me very happy. The antiperspirants are formulated to an effective 48 hour antiperspirant but also nourishing the skin.

    I have sensitive skin so I need to be careful with what products I use. I find that after I shave my underarm area is quite sensitive and I need to apply creams to help sooth the area. I have been testing out the Nivea roll on for a few weeks now. I find that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an sticky feeling on my skin. In winter especially I want something that dries quickly.  I have found that with continued use my skin has been less irritated and also softer.

    It is difficult to say how good an antiperspirant this is, being winter I don't sweat all that much. But currently I haven't battled with any sweating under my arms at all so it definitely a sign that it is doing something right.

    Recommended Retail Prices:

    • Rollon R19.99 for 50ml.
    • Aerosol R29.99 for 150ml

    These are currently available in department stores and pharmacies.

    Big Hugs.
    Charlene XXX

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    1. Beauty Works Coupon
      nivea look like royal brand its not a old and modern brand but only few year take the famous


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