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    A few weekends ago, I got a bee under my bonnet and went on a cleaning spree in my house. When I get like this I use mounds of chemical cleaners to really deep clean surfaces.  Usually I wear rubber gloves but at some point I pulled them off and just carried on cleaning - a BIG mistake. I ended up burning my skin.  This meant that my hands were super sensitive and the skin started to peel over the next few days. Lucky for me though, a few days before this happened, I received a restoring ointment from Dermaceutic (R450).
    Panthenol Restoring Ointment
    Dermaceutic products are truly fantastic, so whenever I am treated to one I get excited. I know that I am going to see results and that my skin will benefit greatly. So as soon as I could feel my hands had taken a knock after cleaning, I reached for this Panthenol Ceutic, restoring ointment.
    Panthenol Restoring Ointment
    The ointment is formulated to restore skin comfort after aesthetic procedures (things like chemical peels, laser hair removal, permanent makeup, just to name a few). When a product is made to improve skin comfort you know it is going to help ease simple things like cracked or dry lips very quickly.  The Panthenol (vitamin B5 - helping your skin absorb water), Bisabolol (an anti-inflammatory), Shea Butter (a great moisturiser), Beeswax (acts as a barrier cream to keep moisture in) and Vitamin E (an anti-oxidant) make up the product and work wonders at improving the restoring capabilities of your skin cells.  This is a multi-use product, any area of your body that needs a bit of tlc is a candidate for this ointment.

    When I used this on my hands, I had immediate relief from the tight feeling of my skin, especially between my fingers. I used this twice daily (morning and night) and within 3 days my hands were back to normal. The ointment applied very much like a typical ointment however, this actually absorbs properly into your skin, leaving you with moisturised hands that are not oily feeling at all. You can feel a thin film of the product on your skin, but it isn't thick and oily on your skin.  For me that means a lot, because I hate oily products.

    Now that my hands are back to normal, I tend to use this product on my lips in the morning and evening. I recently battled with dry skin on my face which was very uncomfortable for me. I applied a small amount over my face and it definitey helped moisturise my skin and eased the tight, dehydrated feeling.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I'd love to try this on my lips. I suffer from consistently and severely chapped lips (sob.)

      1. This works like a charm on lips and now that I have been battling with a cold, I am using it to treat my sensitive nose area too. This stuff is so great.


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