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    When it comes to my home, I like it to smell nice. I have a serious collection of scented candles and burn one almost every night.  While I was shopping for a body scrub I spotted that The Body Shop has a range of Home Fragrance Oils. I am a sucker for nice smelling things so I decided to give one a try.
    The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil Aloe and Soft Linen
    I decided to get the Aloe and Soft Linen fragrance because I wanted something I could put on my towels, PJs and bed linen.  I find the scent of "washing powder" to be very comforting, especially in winter. The smell makes me think of freshly washed clothing that you've just pulled out of the tumble dryer....that warm scent that you sniff in deeply as you pull the warm clothing in towards you - I LOVE that feeling (now I feel like doing a load of washing just to experience that now...ha ha).

    Anyway back to business, this fragrance is a fresh linen scent but far more sophisticated than plain old washing powder.  The Aloe gives it an almost floral type scent that is not sickly sweet smelling, in fact it is a delicate powdery scent which is one of my favourites in perfumes I buy.  I am really terrible at describing scents so when you are in a store next time, go do yourself a favour and give it a sniff.

    There are 10 different fragrance oils in the collection which makes it tough to choose just one.  These 10ml bottles are R70 each and each drop delivers a seriously good amount of fragrance.  I put two drops on my PJ top / pillow and that is more than enough for the entire night and I even smell it when I wake up. These oils are meant to be used with an oil burner to fragrance your entire room - I have not yet tried this as I do not own a carrier oil which I can add this too.  The main ways in which I use this is to dab a bit on my towel before I get into the bath and also a bit on my pillow before I get into bed. When I feel a bit "worked up" I add this to my PJs while I am watching tv or doing some blogging. It just helps me relax and calms me down after a stressful day, because I chose a scent that "speaks to me".  It has not stained my PJs, towels or linen because I use such a little bit and seems to wash out during the normal load of washing.  Thus far I haven't had any issues with using it this way but I don't apply this to my super expensive clothing nor faux fur throws. So use with caution if you do try it out directly on fabrics.

    I know this is a departure from my beauty posts but I do like to switch it up every now and then when I find things that I enjoy using.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. If this came in a spray bottle, similar to Oh So Heavenly's bedtime pillow spray, I'd be more inclined to use it on my linen. I have the oil and burn it in my scent burner, but don't know how I feel about using it on my fabric..

    2. I use the vanilla and tonka bean scented one with an oil burner, BUT I don't use a carrier oil. I use water instead. I think the instructions on mine says I can - but I can't remember. So I fill the reservoir of my burner with a little bit of water, add a few drops of the fragrance and then place the lit candle in its spot and it works amazingly well!

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    4. The Jasmine and White Frangipani is amazing, and comes in a fragrance mist too! I love to put a few drops into my humidifier as well as in my oil burner.

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    6. Smelt this over this weekend and it's divine! The Vanilla and Tonka Bean one is my absolute fave

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