• Life update

    I have been a bit scarce so I thought I would do a quick update so that you all know what is going on with me - although I am very active on my social media accounts (gee_whiskers on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat).
    On 27 April (Freedom Day) I celebrated my 32nd Birthday and it was also my blog's 4th birthday in April.  I usually do giveaways on my blog in April to celebrate but this year everything was just a blur.  At work I had serious deadlines and I also fell ill. Blogging took a back seat - I had to focus on getting better and getting through my work.  To give you an idea, work is so busy that JP (my husband) is jetting off to Madrid at the end of the month and I can't join him due to deadlines.  It is seriously disappointing to not be able to go with him because last year we did the trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.

    The free time that I do have, I choose to spend it with my family. I don't want JP, Samantha and my parents to feel neglected.  I just can't push myself to do too much, I did a post on this a while ago to "explain myself" but I know you all understand and still continue to support me which I truly appreciate.

    I will definitely make sure to catch up for the lost giveaways.  I would like to get an idea of what you would all like the giveaway to contain. I am thinking of making use of JP to get something from Spain / Dubai that we don't get here in South Africa to make it more special.  Leave a comment below if you have any ideas.

    This week I do have some posts scheduled so hope you enjoy them!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. We will still be here when you return, love. http://bymegankelly.co.za/

    2. I appreciated this post because I felt guilty thinking I'm the only one who neglected my blog due to a crazy workload. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Glad I am not alone! It is so tough at times but I still love my space here on the web. Big hugs XXX


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