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    I always get very excited when brands revisit products that made them successful.  The latest case in point is Lancôme's Juicy Shaker. In the 1940s Lancôme created a Shaker lipstick in the shape of a cocktail shaker which became world famous and more recently in the 2000s the Juicy Tubes were a massive hit. Lancôme took these two products and came up with the Juicy Shaker.  The Juicy Shaker is completely unique and so much fun to use.
    The Juicy Shakers are a form of lip tint that combines essential oils with fun pigments. At first I wasn't expecting to really like these because I thought they would be similar to lipglosses - which I am not a big fan of.  But these are surprisingly light on the lips which makes them a pleasure to wear.  Another great thing is that these are all so moisturising - they contain Peach Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cranberry Oil and Musk Rose Oil.  These oils also gives the product an amazing fragrance.  In fact, each lip colour in the 20 colour range has its own unique fragrance that is almost juice-like at times.

    I really like the design of the packaging. The Shaker design is fun to use - you shake the bottle to mix the oils with the pigments and it also dispenses a small amount of the lip product onto the applicator.  The little applicator is sponge-like that works so well at applying the oil to your lips.  The tapered tip mean you can easily apply this without getting the oil all over the place - it makes sure that you "colour between the lines".  I love using the applicator, it is so soft and bouncy which makes applying the oil a real treat.
    I was sent 3 of the 20 shades in the range to test out -  Walk the Lime (166), Berry in Love (283) and Freedom of Peach (142).
    One thing you need to be aware of when choosing a colour is that the product is meant to give a sheer tint to your lips.  If you want a colour that is really going to show up on your lips, you need to choose a very bright looking one.  So my tip is to be brave and go for the brightest colour, that way you will be sure to get something that you'll like and won't be disappointed.
    Lancôme Juicy Shakers retail for R270 each and are available from Lancôme stands.

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