• Bathroom Favourites | Part 3

    I am not a fan of sweating and there is nothing more that I hate than ending up with sweat patches under my armpits.  I have been on the hunt for antiperspirant that it effective at keeping my armpits dry but also gentle on my skin.  Last year I spotted Vichy's Stress Resist Antiperspirant Treatment on a shelf in Clicks and decided to give it a try.
    Vichy Stress Resist Traitement Anti-transpirant 72h transpiration excessive
    At over R100 this is definitely the priciest deodorant I have ever bought but I do not regret it for a single second and I liked this product so much that I bought it again.  The thing that drew me to this product is the fact that it allows your skin to breathe while regulating the sweat your body naturally produces. On top of this it has also been tested for use on sensitive skin, contains no alcohol nor parabens.

    The product contains perspicalm which regulates the perspiration as well as mineral unlta-aborbent which regulates excess moisture continuously throughout the day. I find that when I use this I barely sweat under my arms during the day and this is because the product's ingredients actually helps to regulate the sweat produced.

    Fragrance wise, this has very soft powdery soap smell that is perfect for that "just showered" scent that does not at all overpower the perfume you chose to wear.  It also does not leave noticeable marks on your clothing - if you wait for it to dry completely before putting your clothing on.  Over time I have noticed that overall, the skin under my arms has also improved in appearance because Vichy is a skincare brand so this is formulated to also look after your skin why addressing the problem of sweat.  Seriously, this roll on is just the absolute best and I wish I could do it more justice in this post.

    This is available at pharmacies across the country but I have noticed that Dischem's price is sometimes up to R50 cheaper than other stores.  So if you are keen to give this a try, I recommend going to Dischem and saving yourself some money.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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