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    You might remember last year I participated in a Cape Town Confidence photoshoot with other beauty bloggers which was photographed by Abigail K.  Abigail K is a photographer that has a passion for her craft and loves teaching others from her experience.  Today Abigail is launching her online photography course on udemy to teach the basics of photography to those who are interested in improving their still life and product photography without breaking the bank.
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    The course content is fulled with two hours of content broken up in 43 quick to view videos. I really like that the content is broken up into easy to view videos that can easily be fitted into a busy week and re-watched to refresh your knowledge.  It also means that you don't have to set aside too much time in one sitting.  When I have 10 or so minutes to spare I can go through 2 - 3 videos.

    What I really appreciated about the content is that it is so easy to understand and Abigail's approach is perfect for beginners who don't know all the technical terminology.  In this way you learn without feeling overwhelmed.

    All you need to start off with is just a camera - be it a phone or simple digital point and shoot camera.  Although the course is pitched at those who have a blog or website, the principles learned are ones that can be applied to all sorts of still life photography.
    The course has a once off cost of $79 but is currently on special for $24 (which is approximately R382) by using the following link: click here to get access to the discount.  This price is truly amazing when you consider that you are are getting 2 hours worth of content from a professional photographer in the comfort of your own home.

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