• Things I am loving | Part 1

    I thought I would use this week to share a few things I have been loving recently. As much as I like beauty products it is nice to do something a bit different.
    Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker
    I have really been wanting to get more active. It is not really a New Year's resolution. When I went on holiday last year I decided it was the perfect time to kick off some activity.  I was doing a lot of walking and finding it really difficult to track how far I was walking or how active I had been during a given day.  This past weekend I decided to get a Jawbone UP2 and have been loving it.  It tracks activity, how long you are idle for and even how you have slept during the night.

    I did a bit of shopping around and found that the general price is R1599 but Dischem currently has the UP2 on special for R1399.  If you are with Discovery Vitality, you also earn vitality points if you reach your targets each day or week.

    I am still busy discovering all the functionality but this little device helps keep me motivated - and ultimately, moving!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Wow I also had the same thoughts but ended buying the Fitbit from Dischem. Good on the Fitness journey.

      1. It was a toss up between the Fitbit and this Jawbone for me. My sister had a Jawbone so I got to look at her one and at the UP app on the phone - that was my ultimate deciding factor. Good luck with your fitness journey too!


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