• Summer Skin Protectors | Part 2

    This isn't an ordinary sun block or skin care product - and let's just be honest, it isn't cheap.  I haven't bought any Dior skin care products before this one because the cost is simply too high to replace them once used up.  I was very lucky with this moisturiser because it was marked incorrectly and I was given the product at that price, on top of this it was a Red Square event which means I got discount on the products I bought. At the time of purchasing this, the price was R895 for 30ml which will last a person at least 3 months if used every day (I paid R485 for my bottle).
    Dior One Essential City Defense
    One Essential is Dior's detoxifying and re-energising line of skin care.  The City Defense moisturiser was developed to help protect the skin from pollution and UV with a toxin shield and high SPF 50 PA++++ protection from the sun.  The moisturiser is lightweight and when absorbed into the skin it isn't noticeable on your skin at all - Dior says it is invisible and it sure is.  The way the moisturiser is absorbed allows your skin to breathe while protecting your skin from the sun and toxins.  To prevent this from becoming a very long post I'll add a link at the end of this paragraph to the Dior website for those who would like to read u a bit more on it (click here to visit the Dior website).

    What I personally love about this moisturiser is the fact that it deeply moisturises my skin despite its very light formulation and gives me sun protection that is great. While on holiday I have continually used this, my skin has become more radiant looking and feels more smooth after only 1 week on continuous use. The price does unfortunately make this a product that not many can afford, but I am already considering replacing this with another one once I finish it. Because of the high cost, I only use this when I know I am going to be outside for a most of the day and need a good base of protection.

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    Charlene XXX

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