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    For the past 3 years I have only been using one brand of brush and was steadfast in my belief that it was the absolute best brush. Recently Retail Box sent me a Tangle Angel Xtreme brush to test out and suddenly I was faced with a challenge of trying to be objective when I have been loyal to a brand for years.
    Retail Box Tangle Angel Xtreme
    The Tangle Angel brush has a very unique design which I think is what has made it so appealing to a lot of people - many beauty bloggers and vloggers I follow have raved about these brushes.  As mentioned, I was sent the Xtreme version of the brush which has a bigger brush head as wells as longer and more dense bristles than the traditional brush. This brush is ideal for people with longer thicker hair as well as for hair extensions, weaves and artificial hair.

    I have rather long hair but it isn't all that thick so the traditional brush would be more than sufficient for me. But because I have such long hair the bigger brush head does make blow drying my hair a lot easier and helps to tame frizz. When it comes to brushing out knotted hair, this brush is in a league of its own. I get some nasty knots in my hair because of the Cape Town wind and always experience some pain when brushing them out, but with this brush there is absolutely zero pain or feeling of your hair being pulled.  I was seriously dumbfounded when I used it the first time - it seemed too good to be true, but I have been using the brush for over two weeks now (every single day) and it is such a pleasure to use. The bristles are deigned to contour to your scalp shape making it easy to use and kind on your scalp.

    The brush is also antibacterial (hygienic and safe to use), anti-static (no flyaways!!!), heat resistant (perfect for use with styling tools) and ergonomically shaped (easy to use and such a unique design).
    Retail Box Tangel Angel Xreme
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    What I really love about the range is that there is literally a brush for any hair type and they even have some cute brushes for pets!  The Xtreme brush retails for R380 and the Classic goes for R290 (click here to view the whole range of brushes on Retail Box's website).

    I will definitely continue using my Tangle Angel, especially when blowdrying my hair as it helps tame my flyaways, leaving my hair looking so sleek and smooth.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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