• Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser

    I always get excited when I receive products from Dermaceutic. Their skin products are target driven giving you complete control over how you treat your skin.  I received the Advanced Cleanser which is a cleansing foam designed to deeply cleanse your skin while hydrating it at the same time.
    I am a big fan of cleansers that foam up and I have mentioned in many of my posts that I only feel truly clean after using a foaming product. The problem with this is that foaming products are generally not good for dry skin types because they tend to strip away a lot of the natural oils and moisture from the skin.  This cleanser is different. It effectively removes makeup and excess oils from the skin leaving your skin incredibly clean but it hydrates at the same time.

    There are very few foaming cleansers that I see that are suitable for all skin types, especially ones that are dry or sensitive. This cleanser is definitely a great product for any skin type.  Here is a list of ingredients from the Dermaceutic website on the active ingredients in the product:
    Anti-dehydration agent which promotes and controls water flow, and improves the appearance of skin micro relief for perfectly hydrated and smoothed skin.
    This anti-seborrheic active (associated with the penetration vector L-PCA) improves the appearance of oily skin and has an anti-microbial action, helping skin to regain clarity.
    Optimal moisturizing agent for the epidermis which removes scales from the skin’s surface and restores suppleness.
    Hygroscopic substance of vegetable origin which provides a hydrating and protective film and removes scales from the skin’s surface.

    The cleanser is a gem and perfect for the summer months where we need a thorough cleansing without stripping our skin of its moisture.  This cleanser is available from Dermaceutic stockists.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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