• New things I am loving from The Body Shop

    I am a big fan of The Body Shop and always like to go have a look there to see what they have come out with when I go to restock some of my staple products. Their Vitamin E range is one of my favourites so I always get excited when I see new products in the range.
    I picked up the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream as I needed a replacement everyday BB Cream. I am an incredibly fussy BB Cream person - it must give me good coverage but not too much as I like it to look natural, it mustn't have an oily finish, must give me some radiance and can't cost an arm and a leg. This BB Cream ticks all the boxes for me. It adds warmth to my skin and hides slight imperfections while looking natural. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn't leave you with any kind of film on your skin. What I like is that this BB Cream feels very much like a moisturiser and definitely has helped with my dehydrated skin. Makeup also applies beautifully on top of this. It's a perfect everyday BB Cream that you can easily apply using your fingertips. At R155 - I'll continue buying this.

    I bought the Vitamin E Eyecube because it looked cute....I am a sucker for anything that looks this cute! I was actually very surprised by it the first time I used it. the consistency is very gel-like and when applied to your under eye area, it feels cooling. The cream absorbs very quickly and doesn't leave any kind of oily look under your eyes. The cute packaging is like an lip balm which makes it so easy to use. Perfect for those like me who usually skip eye cream because it's an extra step that I don't always feel like doing. I have noticed that the dehydration lines around my eyes are better and the overall look of the eye area has improved. The eye cube is R130 which is really good for an eye cream. I definitely think I'll be getting another one when I finish this.

    The Vitamin E range is really so great and I love the beautiful pink packaging that the products come in. The Body Shop - well done! They've managed to make a great range even better with the inclusion of these two products.

    Big hugs,
    Charlene XX


    1. I have been LOVING the Vitamin E range and that is all thanks to you!!!! It all started with the overnight serum you posted about and now I want the entire range.

      I also recently picked up the eyecube and am loving what it feels like. Feels heavenly when applying it that I wish I could get that feeling more permanently.

      Not sure if you have tried it yet but I then also picked up their daytime serum and sink in mask. Again, these are amazing!!!! I love that I finally have a mask I don't have to remove. It pleases the lazy part of me very much ;-)

    2. Oooe these look really great!! The only body shop product I have been using is the overnight serum and its amazing

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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