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    It isn't new news that Benefit is once again available in South Africa. I am really happy about this because I only really started exploring the brand and then they were pulled from Woolworths stores.
    The only "problem" with the recent arrival is that I already spent a lot of money on some Dior goodies so I can't go and spoil myself to some products until I have saved up a bit.

    Benefit Wish list
    The products I want:

    1. Benebalm - R225
    2. Posiebalm - R225
    3. The're Real Mascara - R295
    4. Hello Flawless Foundation - R455
    5. Instant Comeback serum - R585
    6. Dream Screen - R395
    7. It's Potent eye cream - R425
    These products are available from Edgar's Red Square online store. Let me know what is on your "to get" list or what you have already bought.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. Their skincare is lovely. I would also recommend the Benebalm and Posiebalm! :)


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