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    A few weeks ago I received such a fantastic pressdrop from RetailBox containing Wella’s new Elements range.  The range is a collection of products that are free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colourants.

    The range has NuTree complex that helps repair and protect your hair form keratin degeneration. Overtime with continued use, the products renew your hair’s vitality resulting in naturally beautiful hair. The range contains the following products:

    Usually I am not a fan of shampoos. While washing my hair, I find that with many shampoos my hair feels striped of moisture and actually feels hard. With this shampoo my hair feels clean but not stripped of its natural moisture. The fragrance is also so pleasant that it’s a treat to use.

    I love this conditioner. It perfectly moisturises and nourishes my hair without weighing it down. My hair is fine so I really can’t afford to use heavy products on my hair. As with the Shampoo, the conditioner has an amazing scent that makes you want to smell your hair all the time.

    This is something I was very keen to try out. I am not a big user of hair masks (because I always tend to forget to use them) but I find that I do reach for this once a week. I am finding that my hair is starting to feel a lot stronger and my hair fallout is also reduced.

    When I see “leave in” on a product I generally just skip it because when you have fine hair, these types of products tend to weigh your hair down and often I can feel them sitting on my hair, making my hair feel dirty. This leave in conditioner is barely noticeable on your hair when you apply it to your damp hair and “disappears” once your hair is dried. I have tried using this while skipping the conditioning step in the shower and my hair did feel soft and nourished. Mentally though, I still feel as if I need to condition my hair with a traditional conditioner. What is great though is that on days where I am in a rush I can save some time in the shower by spraying this to my damp hair. Also when I have days where my hair is feeling a bit dry and “hard” I apply a few sprays of this just to give my hair a bit of extra TLC.

    Overall I am incredibly impressed with these products and have thoroughly enjoyed using them. The products are such great quality and highly concentrated so you only need to use a little bit with each use. The prices are also very reasonable for professional salon quality products.

    The range can be purchased from the RetailBox website.
    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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