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    I have really been battling with my nails lately, hence the lack of 'Manicure Monday' posts. Before I left for Copenhagen my nails started to peel and break, it is something I have struggled with ever since I first had an iron deficiency. My nails just don't seem to ever fully recover.  Before we left for our trip I received a big bag of products to try out and immediately started using the Crisnail Total Care.
    It is a really fantastic treatment! It contains calcium, soy and vitamins that help strengthen and nourish weak nails. I have been consistently using this for over 4 weeks and am starting to see a massive improvement in the condition of my nails - They peel less and don't break as easily.  It also works as a fantastic base coat for nail polishes so you don't have to give up wearing nail polishes if you need to use a treatment on your nails

    Crisnails Total Care costs R110 for a 14ml. You can purchase the Crisnail products from Exclusive Beauty Solutions and Yemaya Express Nail Bars.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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