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    Sigh...Monday...there really is very little I like about Mondays. But at least once you get through them you know the weekend will come quickly.  Today I am back into sharing manicures that my sister has done. Recently I ordered a few Hean nail polishes - one of which was for my sister.
    Sam really loves wearing different colours and blues do seem to be the colour she prefers. I ordered shade 226 for her from the Summer Collection. The Hean nail polish is quite runny in consistency but settles well on the nail bed. You only need 2 coats to get an opaque coverage. The nail polish dries very quickly, you can have a complete manicure in about 10 minutes.

    As far a lasting effects, you get about 2 days of chip free wear out of them. With the quick drying time, the 2 days isn't that bad. Some more expensive brands only last 1 day before they chip and it takes a long time to dry between coats.  All in all, Hean nail polish is good. It is free of the nasty chemicals and costs R55 per bottle.  You can buy this from the Glamore online store.

    The other nail polish is one that I picked up at a factory shop in Diep River. The lady who works there said the nail polish is from Woolworth's spillage. The bottles don't have names or even numbers on them, but at R18 a bottle I couldn't complain. If you would like to know where the place is pop me an email or leave a comment below and I'll explain how to get there.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XX

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