• Feel Good Friday

    This whole week has been such a struggle to get through because I felt so tired. Last weekend JP competed in the Fittest in Cape Town competition which meant longs days next to the field - even though I wasn't doing all the workouts I just feel exhausted.  Anyway, it was well worth it being there to support JP and his team. They finished in second place, which was a massive accomplishment because they were in 4th place leading up to the last workout.
    The thing that always blows my mind is how humble JP is when it comes to his achievements and successes. He doesn't like a fuss being made - he quietly does things (does them so very well) and continues on as normal. What is frustrating for me is that he doesn't really celebrate his successes - that is what I have a big problem with. I come from a family where every achievement no matter how small was celebrated. It is my mission this weekend to spoil JP and "make" him celebrate his recent achievements.

    So today's post is about taking the time to celebrate things you or your loved ones have achieved. Feeling special and appreciating what was achieved. Too often in life we get so caught up in things that our successes are overshadowed - it's not fair on yourself nor those who care about you. No matter how big or small your achievement has been...CELEBRATE!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Congrats that's really not an easy accomplishment. How true though, you have to ask how often you celebrate your loved ones achievements. My hubby doesn't do anything like yours but he has done so well for himself in his business, and to see how far he's come & where he's going, is such an incredible thing to witness and it also makes me very proud of him PS - Yes I do tell him often haha ;) x

      Dressed in the City ♥♥♥


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