Today's 5 Products post is my Alice from Lipgloss is my Drug. One thing I love about blogging is that you get to meet other great bloggers, some of whom become your friends. Alice and I really hit it off and I love our daily interactions with eachother, even if it is just a quick hello.  So I am very happy that she agreed to feature in this series. Here are Alice's 5 Products...
    When asked what my five Favourites were all I could think of was my five holy grail every day products that I simply could not live with out! Here are my top picks below! 

    1. Essence | long lasting eye pencil in Black fever 
    For some reason people seem to think I have my stuff together when it comes to eyeliner and when asked for advice on a good one, essence is always my first choice.  I was a die hard Chanel wearer until I discovered this little gem. Side by side I would rate it as a exact dupe just in different packaging. If your looking for a long lasting smudge free creamy very black eye pencil that will stand up then this is the one. Also atR25,95 it won't break bank! 

    2. Chanel | Le Volume De Chanel Mascara 
    For as long as I can remember I've been searching for THE mascara the one that could be soul mate status. I honestly can't say I've found it yet but I can say that the Le Volume mascara takes first place thus far. It makes your lashes look fuller blacker and longer with no lumps or sticking together with just one to two coats depending on how you prefer to wear it. Why isn't it soul mate status you are probably asking? Well she is really really high maintenance at R580,00 a tube and I buy a tube of mascara every month.  So as much as I tend to go back to her as much as I can we have just never had a permanent relationship that could potentially lead to marriage! Le Sigh 

    3. Avon | Makeup Setting Spray
    A makeup setting spray is a very important part of my makeup routine and not something I leave out willingly. I have tried quite a few although I haven't been able to get my hands on some of the holy grails like the urban decay (maybe one day). However from the ones I have tried the Avon takes first place both in quality of product and price. I've used it both over and under my makeup and both works perfectly. It not only makes my makeup last longer but also helps keep my skin matte for longer. It retails for R159,95 but I like to wait for Avons specials, last time I picked a bottle up for R69,00

    4. MAC | Face and Body Foundation 
    I don't have bad skin but I do like to wear something that it's lighter than full coverage foundation, gives me even tone skin and also adds a bit of coverage for some of my pigmentation. Face and body is a really sheer watery foundation but what I love most about it is that it's lighter than BB creams but offers the same coverage. I know I don't have perfect skin but during the week I don't try and cover every imperfection because it's just not necessary but I do like the assurance knowing at least some of it is covered. R330,00 for a 50ml 

    5. MAC LIPSTICK | Viva Glam II 
    Just like trying to find the perfect mascara I am on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. I however do have one that is in my top five and that's viva glam II. It is a Satin so you have the staying power of a matte and slight sheen of a gloss. It is the perfect nude with a touch of baby pink and slight mauve brown undertones. This is my go to nude even when applying over a different colour lip pencil. R195,00 

    Thank you so much Charlene for allowing me to be apart of this it was really fun, I hope that some of your readers are able to find some gems amongst our favorites. I would love for you to have me again.


    PS. You can follow Alice on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to pop over to have a look at her blog as well!

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