• I expanded my Shelley & Harry Collection

    I am pretty sure that many of you have noticed the dachshund necklace I wear very often. It is made by Shelley & Harry designer, Shelley. Recently I decided to ask Shelley if she could make a bracelet with a similar look to my necklace and to my delight she was happy to make me one. I went to fetch my bracelet yesterday and just had to share it.
    I really love my necklace and bracelet. The necklace means so much to me, I initially bought my sister one and back then I was tight on cash so I couldn't get myself one. But to my surprise JP had organised having one made for my Birthday - it was also the first piece of jewellery that he bought me. My Sister and I adore our necklaces because it also represents our love for our pets - who have almost all been dachshunds.

    If you like the look of this jewellery get in touch with Shelley. She is always willing to assist clients and makes such beautiful pieces of jewellery that look good for years!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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