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    When it comes to skin care, I don't mess around. I won't say that am over the top about it, but I definitely will never go to bed without first washing my face and I believe in looking after my skin to best of my abilities. When I was offered to try out the Foreo Luna skincare device, you can only imagine how excited I was.
    The Luna is a skincare device that is aimed at deep cleansing using T-Sonic technology and also delivers anti-aging benefits through lower-frequency pulsations. The Luna comes in 3 different colours, each colour suited for a specific skin type - Pink is for Normal / Sensitive skin, Blue for Combination Skin and Grey for Ultra-Sensitive skin. When I first received my Luna, my immediate thoughts were around how cute and pretty it is.  I have the Pink version because my skin is normal but dehydrated, which means it is sensitive at times - the Luna is a perfect fit for this. I also really love the size of this device, it fits snuggly in my hand and has velvety silicon finish to it.  
    The top end of the device has little silicon brush nodules of different sizes and thickness (this is the end that you use on your face) and below that, at the base of the device are the buttons used to operate the cleanser.  The middle button switches the device on and off, the buttons on either side increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations (there are 8 different settings).

    It is very easy to use this device, you simply need to charge it (it charges very quickly and the battery life is excellent - up to 450 uses off one charge) and then it is ready for use. The way I use it is to wet my face with warm water, apply my normal face wash to my skin and then use the device to clean my face in small circular motions. I generally use the full intensity of the machine at night because I like how it feels on my skin - It really is like a massage for the face and I can see my skin is beautifully stimulated by the pulsations. It gets that nice flushed colour to show that the blood circulation is stimulated. Don't worry though, you don't end up with a tomato red face - I even use this in the mornings (on the lower anti-aging setting) before I head off to work so you don't have to worry about having a red or pink face for hours after use.  Once I am happy that my skin is properly cleansed I simply rinse off the soap from my face and from the device. I then pat dry my face and dry off the device - simple!

    Another thing I like to do, is during my bi-weekly at home facials, I use the machine during the cleansing stage as well as before I wash the mask off my face. Using it with my mask I have found it gives me fantastic results. The stimulation of the blood circulation really helps your skin absorb and process the nutrients you are introducing to it.

    There are so many things I love about this little device, besides the fact that it does its job incredibly well, the thing I love the most it that this a once off cost to bare. There are no replacement heads needed because the cleansing nodules are part of the device and made of silicon that will last as long as the device will. Even though I can afford to spend over R300 - R400 a month on new heads for a device, the cost become bitter to swallow when I start to add that to the cost of my usual skin care products. So saving up for this device is definitely worth it because you don't have to factor in any on-going operational costs. This also makes it a great gift for someone - if you are thinking of splurging on a gift - at least that person won't have to pay money to continue to use the product. The Luna costs R2790 which isn't cheap but again, when you consider that you don't have to buy replacement heads - this isn't a bad price at all. Compared to the cost of other skincare devices in our market, the Luna is actually incredibly competitive and the better total cost alternative.

    There are other products in the Luna range:
    1. Luna mini (R1900)
      Comes in 5 different colours and suitable for all skin types. It has 2 speeds and is travel friendly. This is something you'd buy to suit your personality - Magenta, Petal Pink, Turquoise Blue, Purple and Cool Grey. They are SUPER cute and I'd definitely LOVE a purple or magenta one.
    2. Luna for men (R2790)
      The same benefits as the traditional Luna, with 8 speed settings but has thicker brushes and comes in black.
    3. Luna Luxe (R90 000 for the Gold and R125 000 for the Platinum version for men)
      These come with a gold base or platinum base for men. If you are interested in all the details
      click here!
    Sorry this post has been so long, but this little beauty deserves a decent post. If you want all the details of the product visit the Foreo website.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


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