• Manicure Monday

    Spring is officially here! Which means I pull out all my pretty pastels and celebrate the prettiness of spring.
    Wish you were here
    Wish you were here
    I really love wearing purples - it is by far my favourite nail polish colour. I realised that I have A LOT of purples and many of them look quite similar, yet I feel that are each unique.  This colour, Wish you were here, is a slightly more blue lilac purple compared to the more pinkish purples that I have.  As with all my other Morgan Taylor nail polishes, I get good wear from this.  I really love how this brand of nail polish applies, how the product levels out on your nail and gives you a very smooth, glossy finish.

    I picked this colour up at Dischem for R99.95.  Dischem has a really great selection of this brand in certain stores. You can also purchase these from Retail Box, Takealot, Sorbet Salons and Rubybox.

    Happy Spring Everyone! 

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Gorgeous colour. I always think of you when I see purple beauty items :) x

    2. Such a gorgeous colour. I recently picked up a few Morgan Taylors and now I am sorry I didn't get this one. This is such a 'you' colour. ;)


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