• MAC Lipsticks - Blankety, Lovelorn & Politely Pink

    I have been wanting to go to MAC for a while now to get a few lipsticks, actually since Christmas time after Nicole (Twitter: @PrincessNoo) gave me my first MAC lipstick as a gift.  I decided to get some nudes because a lot of my lipsticks are quite bright pink.  On my shopping trips I picked up Blankety, Lovelorn and Politely Pink.
    These lipsticks are velvety and smooth on the lips and such a treat.  I thought I would do them all in one post so that you can easily see the difference in the colours - should you be looking for similar colours. I really love how long these last on my lips and how they don't dry my lips out.

    As you can see in the photo above, Blankety has soft pink beige colour and is far more opaque than the other two lipsticks.  This is because it is an amplified creme lipstick that gives full, even coverage on your lips.  I really loved this colour when I first saw it at the MAC store in the V & A Waterfront, but they didn't have it in stock.  I was lucky to find it at the Cavendish Truworths.  I really love this colour because it is such a wearable nude.

    Lovelorn I got because the emotive blue pink really grabbed me. It isn't exactly a nude but I couldn't resist it when I swatched it in the store.  Politely Pink was presented to me as a good every day wearable dirty pinkish nude.  These two lipsticks are Lustre lipsticks which are hydrating and almost sheer in finish, however they are buildable to achieve great coverage. I really had a tough time limiting my purchases so I decided to get these two and quickly "cash-out" before I spent too much money there.

    The Lustre Lipsticks retail for R195 (Lovelorn and Politely Pink) and the Amplified Cream Lipstick is also R195 (Blankety).  I believe these lipsticks are definitely worth the price and I am going to try to do my best to keep a respectful distance from a MAC store for while, else I might buy far too many lipsticks!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. For those of you who don't know, MAC has an online store. Click here to start shopping!


    1. Great choices hun!
      I know MAC isn't green but it really is my make up weakness :(
      At least if you hand in 6 empty containers, they recycle it and you get a free lipstick *yay*


    2. Mac lipstick is really so awesome. Love these colours.

      Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog


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