• Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - Utopia (96)

    I am more of a Dior fan, that goes without saying, but when I saw the Chanel in Utopia I was really smittened. I put off buying it for months after its release. When I went to repurchase my Sublime mascara I spotted it on the stand and took the plunge (it was the last one they had in stock).
    Utopia (96)
    Oh and just a word of warning with these Chanel cream eye shadows, the product tends to shrink a bit inside the little glass jar when exposed to air. You still have the same amount of product and it still applies very well... it just looks a little odd inside the jar. If you look carefully at my bottom right corner photo above you will notice it around the left edge of the jar.
    I really love wearing purples and even though this is described as being a pink by Chanel, to me it looks more lilac than anything else. As you can see from the image above it is a very shimmer eyeshadow that catches the light perfectly. What I love about shimmer cream eyeshadows is that it is much easier to control the shimmer and you don't have to worry about the fall off under your eyes...you especially do not want shimmer settling in any lines you may have around your eyes as it will draw attention to them.  

    A little brush is included inside the box of the product, however I get a much better application when using my fingers.   The texture of this cream is very unique, unlike any other cream eyeshadow I have used before. It is lights, creamy but more in a gel sense then greasy cream. It is quite tough to describe. The formulation allows this product to be used as an eyeliner as well and this is where the brush comes in handy.

    When applied to your lids the colour is subtle and natural but can be built up to look a bit more intense. Just give the layers a chance to dry a bit before you apply the next. If you want to speed up the process use a tiny amount of translucent powder.  What I really like about this colour is the way it brightens up my eyes. I am busy playing around with some wedding makeup looks and simply having this on my eye lids is so far close to the top of my preferred looks. the reason being that I know it will stay put and will be so easy to touch up on the day. I don't want to struggle for hours to get my makeup perfect.

    This is VERY expensive and it wasn't really a "happy" spend because I knew it was ridiculous (Over R400). I however bought it with the intention of this possibly being worn on my wedding day, so it was "easier" to hand over the money. However, I don't think I could quite easily spend this much on a cream eyeshadow again.  There is no mistaking the high quality of Chanel products but the steep price increases are actually making me quite sick to my stomach. I understand that the weak Rand is to blame but now instead of saving up for 2 months to get a product, it is turning into 3 or 4 months and by that time the collections are long gone.  Sigh :( I know these are first world problems and something silly but makeup is something I enjoy and love having. For those of you who want a suggestion to a good quality, more affordable alternative, I have always loved Smashbox's 15 hour Limitless Cream Eye Shadows that currently retail for R230 at Woolworth's counters. they last incredibly well and have great pigmentation. MAC's Paint Pots are R220, I however haven't tried these before but I have heard great things about them from Bronwyn (Mother City Mom)

    Gee Whiskers Tip:
    Whenever you are required to dip your fingers into a product, make sure your hands are very clean. This is especially important with eye products...no one wants a nasty eye infection. 

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Absolutely STUNNING shade - wow! *heart eyes*

      Luzanne | Pink Peonies Blog | www.pinkpeonies.co.za

      1. It is such a feminine and beautiful colour. I am really glad I got it :D

    2. That colour is SO beautiful. I agree with you, it definitely leans more lilac.


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