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    When I first saw the Dior Fluid Sticks I was in incredibly curious.  It is no secret that I am not the biggest fan of lipglosses but I really wanted to give these a try.  I initially got shade Rieuse (373) and loved it so much that I got Kiss Me (389).
    Dior Fluid Stick Kiss Me
    The Fluid sticks are not lipglosses, nor are they considered to be lipsticks.  This is a product that give you the coverage of a lipstick with the gloss / shine of a lipgloss.  Because of its water based formulation it has a very light weight to it which makes it much lighter on your lips than any lipgloss and even many lipsticks.  It is a little tacky on the lips but not sticky at all.  The pigmentation is incredibly intense and the colour is long lasting on your lips.  The glossy look lasts long as well, granted you aren't drinking or eating anything.

    Rieuse looks incredibly intense (it is the top colour in the swatch above) but it is a beautifully wearable bold pink.  Usually I am very scared of bold colours, but I absolutely love this shade and am considering it for my wedding lip shade.  Kiss me, is a lighter, pastel pink shade that is very chalky pink on my lips.  I don't know how to best describe this shade because I am also trying to figure it out still.  In all honesty, I don't think it suits me all that well - on my arm it looks great but on my lips it is a chalky, pastel pink which isn't good for pale skin.  It almost seems to be too "cold" for my skin tone.  To help fill out the richness of the colour, I add a thin layer of Rieuse or another pink lipstick underneath.  To me it warms up the colour and adds some colour to my skin.  It was quite tricky to capture the true colour of both shades.

    These fluid sticks are pricey! At R460 it is far more expensive than any of my other lipsticks - do I think they are worth it? Yes, that is why I have two.  This is not an everyday kind of lipstick but I do wear mine quite often during the week.  The applicator makes it so easy to apply and control the brightness of the colour.  When I want something subtle I just pat a little on my lips. I know the colour will last long and it fades beautifully.

    If you are thinking of getting a fluid stick, my advice to you is to try out a few colours at the stand - on your lips, not on your hand.  Also, decide if you want something bold or something for more of an every day look.  I wanted to get a bright and an everyday - unfortunately my everyday look wasn't that wise - but at least I am able to adapt the colour a bit to suit me more.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Grrrr my comment disappeared again! I love love these and you are right about not just swatching on your hand, my colour landed up way too fluorescent. If you're considering rieuse for your wedding it must be really good, definitely my next to try :)

      1. Thanks for persisting to leave a comment. Looks like Blogger is acting up again with comments :( I really love Rieuse and how it brightens up my face. I won't wear it too bold on the day but will have it a bit brighter then photos are taken. One has to try these on your lips to see how they look on your face, the swatches on arms / hands is too misleading. I will try to take a photo with the colour on my lips to show you. Had awful lighting so just haven't been able to take proper photos.

    2. A budget friendly version might be the Catrice made to stay smoothing lip polish :)

    3. Oh they both look so pretty! I love the glossy intensity.

      1. They are amazing and have such great colour.


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