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    I love nail polish and am always on the hunt for great nail polish storage ideas.  The biggest problem I have is that I have A LOT of nail polish so some of the pretty options just don't work for me at all.  However, I do like having a few of my favourites out for display purposes at times.
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    I thought it would be fun for us all to share some nail polish storage ideas with each other - be it practical or simply something to show off your favourites. Leave as many ideas as you want below and encourage others to share their ideas as well.  At the end of the week I will choose an commenter to win a nail polish hamper containing some of my favourite nail polish brands.

    The hamper winner will be announced on Sunday morning (4 May 2014).

    Have a great Monday!

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    Charlene XXX


    1. I have my polishes on a DIY shelf made out of polystyrene. It is actually quite sturdy and you can see the colours nicely in front of the white backdrop. If I didn't have that, I would display my polishes in jars all around my office/room :) All the colours can add a nice decorative touch.

    2. I have mine stored in a stack of plastic drawers. It doesn't display them, but it does keep them organised! I have too many to display, anyway!

    3. Probably the best idea I've seen and considered for my own large nailpolish collection is a giant cookie jar! See-through and a cute design should actually look quite splendid on a shelf. That or the the cake display stand idea. There's also sticking little magnets to them and sticking them to a magnetic board (cool decor option too!). All of those don't take up that much space or use it quite effectively I think. I think I need to buy a cookie jar today :) - Janet

    4. Amazing giveaway! A great Nail polish storage idea is using spice racks! Maybe you could just get a cute spice rack or "doll-it-up" some how OR by displaying your polishes on a small cake stand/cupcake stand on top of your vanity, you’re able to see all the hues with a turn of the plate OR go find an awesome apothecary jar :) Lovely ideas so far...Keeping my fingers crossed!! xxx

    5. I have my polishes in a plastic container, it is about a meter long, with divisions in between, so I have split my polish brands up according to their names. I bought it from crazy plastics for about R150, and it is so handy!

    6. I have mine in a 'plastic tray' that lives in my bathroom but if my collection grows some more I'm seriously considering getting some shelves made or purchasing a 'box' shelf/display to put them in...

    7. I have all my nail polishes, separatorsband anythingvyou could possibly need for a mani or pedi, includiny all the nail art stuff in a big pretty gift box. I like that I can just take the entire box out and have everything I need in one handy kit.

    8. A great way to store them also is on a cupcake stand looks pretty and you can see all of them

    9. I use ferrero rocher boxes to store my nailpolishes. I get to buy me chocolate treats every time I buy new nail polish :)

    10. rehana seedat email: rehanaseedat71@gmail.com A great way to store nail polish is by using Spice racks, Plastic boxes, Jewellery hangers, Tiered Glass Candy Jars. Stationery Boxes, nail polish racks as well as a customized nail polish tool box. Stationery boxes stuck on walls are a great idea! You can also use Magnet Board to store your polish collection in your bedroom which is also a great feature for a wall. Because of the way the polishes are stored it also means you won’t have to dig through all your polishes to find the one you want (a major plus in my mind)!
      Spice Racks made from wood can be painted different colors and can either be mounted on a wall or on the side of a closet or bookshelf. Hanging Accessory Dividers can be mounted on the inside of a wardrobe door using Velcro tape or double-sided tape, or hung from a hook. This can be a more subtle way of displaying your polish if you’re not into displaying it so obviously on your wall. . Handmade dividers or drawer dividers can be mounted on walls as used to store your nail polish

    11. I love to use a Printers Tray , when I got mine I took a square and a round polish bottle to make sure they would fit. What's great is that the Printers trays are not too deep so you can see the colors and you can group them in the different shades or different brands. I lost mine when I moved and I sure miss it.

      Time to get another me thinks :)

      I would love to get a new one and convert it into Mani table ..something like this http://www.recreate.za.net/products/sold/printers-tray-side-table-ludlow

      Ooooh I would love to win , thanks for a fabulous competition.
      x Heather

      1. Congrats Heather! You have won the hamper. Will be in touch shortly to get your delivery details. XXX


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