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    A few weeks ago I was lucky to be sent Esse's new Refining Cleanser.  I am a huge fan of Esse products and currently use a number of their skin care products in my daily routine.  I am a big fan of their gel cleanser so the refining cleanser had some competition.
    As mentioned in a lot of my posts, I am a fan of gel cleansers.  I like to see the foam and gel is the only thing that makes me feel that my skin is truly clean (I know this is all a state of mind).  I however eagerly started using the Esse Refining Cleanser as soon as I received it.  It comes in a big 150ml tube and bares the beautiful Esse branding.  

    The formulation of the product is thick in consistency but to my pleasant surprise it is a lightly foaming clay cleanser.  What is also great about this cleanser is that the Bentonite clay particles exfoliate and also detoxifies the skin.  I love products that multi-task especially when I have had a long day and don't have the time to use multiple products (or when I'm too lazy).  The cleanser also contains Kalahari Melon Oil which has omega 6 essential fatty acids, these fatty acids helps to maintain the skin's lipid balance.

    The cleanser is suitable for all skin types, however I do feel that if you have dry skin you should alternate between this cleanser and a milk cleanser.  The clay in the cleanser is highly effective at deep cleanising which is perfect for people who battle with oily skin or who have done a lot of exercise and need to get the pores clear of toxins.  People with dry skin will probably find this cleanser strips their skin a little too much - that is why I suggest alternating between this and a milk cleanser.

    My Tip:
    Because of the great ingredients in this cleanser, you can definitely use this as a weekly mask.  Just remember that any clay masks should not be left on for extended periods as it will dry out your skin.  After application immediately apply a  pore tightening toner, serum and moisturiser to get moisture back into your skin.

    The cleanser retails for R190 for a 150ml tube and I can easily see a tube lasting you at least 4 months as you need a small amount of product for each use.  However, if you are going to use this as a mask, you will go through more of the product.

    A big thank you to Esse for sending me this product to test out. I love using it!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Dying to get my hands on some but still battling to find a supplier :-/

    2. I believe these will be available in May

    3. Long wanted to try a decent cleanser. Will def put this on my list. Thank you for always providing informative reviews that does not go over the heads of ordinary folk ;-)

    4. I had no idea that clay based cleansers would dry out your skin. I am loving the new pictures with the chevron print in the background!


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