• Wishing Wednesday

    On thing I have realised when going through my makeup, is that I don't actually have a full set of makeup brushes.  It rather strange for a beauty blogger to not have an extensive set of makeup brushes.  I was having a look online and came across an affordable set on the 27Pinkx website.
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    The brush set is made up of 10 brushes and costs R420 (Edge brush,Pencil brush,Flat brush, Small flat brush,Blending brush Face: Concealer brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush, Powder brush, Lip brush).

    They also have an amazing makeup brush stand for R380 on their website.  It can hold up to 16 brushes.
    Purchase this online
    Let me know what you think.

    Big Hugs,


    1. This is surprisingly affordable! In need of a proper brush set as well. :)

      1. I think I might spoil myself to this set and the makeup brush holder for my birthday next month

    2. Oh these are gorgeous. And really affordable.


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